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Roji Tea Lounge
The following are upcoming events being held at this tearoom.
Free Tea Class (each wednesday at 6:00pm)
Fee: Free

By appointment only.

:How to make good tea at home:

Fee: Free

By appointment only.

This is a very simple beginner session (30min)of how to steep good tea at home for family, friends, guests, yourself...

*If you have never made tea from loose tea at home

*To learn how to make delicius green tea that's not bitter

*To learn how to make perfect cup of tea in any size pots and cups.

Please feel free to bring your own pot if you are not sure how to, or how much tea to use them. Come in with any questions. Let's solve mistery of tea.

Please e-mail by previous Sun.

Please include in e-mail;
Your name
How many participants
Phone number

Thank you.

P.S. This class is not suitable for people who can steep good tea by theirselves.