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The Ritzy Pixie
The following are upcoming events being held at this tearoom.
Tea with Mrs. Claus (each saturday at 8:00am)
Coming soon: Tea with Mrs. Claus

We will begin having tea with Mrs. Claus toward the end of November and througout December. The children will have tea, listen to a story by Mrs. Claus, receive a key to the North Pole, and paint Christmas ornaments for a loved one. More details coming soon or call Alisha at 770.445.0523.

Halloween Tea Party (each saturday at 8:00am)
October is just around the corner and everyone knows what that means. It will soon be the anniversary of The Ritzy Pixie's escape from the Evil Prince, and every year at this time he tries to re-capture her. We're going to need all the help we can get to protect her, which is why we are opening up every night in October for Halloween tea parties. Nothing seems to frighten the Evil Prince more than screaming children! These parties will be full of adventure, whimsy, imagination, and laughs. All parties must begin at dusk as this is when the Evil Prince always 'graces' us with his presence.

The cost is $20.00 per child. This includes a 2 hour party that entails a 'briefing' on the Evil Prince's intent, a scavenger hunt that wil lead, hopefully, to the capture of the Evil Prince, plenty of ghoulish goodies and witches brew for all, and every child will receive a magical ligh-up pendant to ward off all Evil Princes. Children of all ages are invited to save the Ritzy Pixie once again!

We require a group of at least 10 children to book a party.

Tea Parties (each saturday at 11:00pm)
The Enchanted Tea Room

This is not your typical tea room. After discovering that one of my rooms in the shop was occupied by a certain 'Ritzy Pixie', who loves afternoon tea, I began serving tea to this charming fairy daily. Hoping to share the enchantment that I have experienced, I have made my tea room available to children. When having a tea party in The Enchanted Tea Room, you're sure to catch a glimpse of the Ritzy Pixie, or at least hear the sound of her rustling wings within the whimsical foliage the surrounds the tea room.

The Enchanted Tea Room holds up to 12 children. The complete party price is $200.00 for up to 5 children and $240.00 for 6-12 children. This includes room rental for 2 hours, setup and cleanup, costume and linen cleaning fee, food, china, costumes for dress up, make-up, favors, and story time with an activity. A $50 deposit is required to hold your reservation and is non-refundable.

Birthday Party Package Includes:

*Tea sandwiches- Toasted peanut Butter and Jelly

*Fruit- Strawberries and Grapes

*Dessert Tray(your choice of 2)- chocolate chip cookies, tea cakes, peanut butter cookies, pecan sandies, wedding cookies, chocolate oatmeal cookies, pink sprinkled sugar cookies, rainbow cakes, cake squares, sausage balls, and cheese straws.

*Tea- Apple Juice

*Entertainment- Costumes, hats, make-up, story time with an activity, & tea party. The tea room includes a gift table and birthday girl throne.

Different birthdays to choose from


Pixie Party

Princess Party

Old Fashion Tea Party

You must call ahead to book your tea party.