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The following are upcoming events being held at this tearoom.
Free Tea Gatherings (each wednesday at 6:00pm)
Dear fellow tea lovers,

Inspired by the friendships and communities that have grown around our tea bar, Teance would like to offer a summer of weekly tea tastings. Beginning Wednesday, June 4, and every subsequent Wednesday in June and July, we will be hosting complimentary tea tastings at our store in Berkeley.

You will have a chance to sample our freshly harvested spring e08 teas, and share the experience with other local tea connoisseurs. At every gathering one or two people will have the opportunity to share some poetry (naturally, we love to hear poetry related to tea!), readings, or performances on a musical instrument. Please keep readings to a maximum of five minutes, and music to one or two short pieces.

Tea is a perfect catalyst for community and art. Please use this opportunity to introduce your family and friends to fresh whole leaf teas, which promotes calmness, mindfulness, and good health.

When: Every Wednesday in June and July

Time: From 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Place: 1780 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710

Price: Free

For more information, please call our store at 510.524.2832, or email

Hope to see you there!

Cuisine and Tea (each monday at 6:30pm)
Chefs, Restaurateurs and Professionals in the Culinary Field are Invited to a Complimentary Series Hosted By Teance:
How to Enhance Fine Cuisines with Whole Leaf Teas!

The Bay Area is home to extraordinary cuisines, encouraged by the publics ever-refined tastes and love for fresh foods. Teance helps restaurants create tea programs to match their food in quality and detail. Our exclusive Monday night tea tastings for chefs and restaurateurs will give you the opportunity to discover what is possible with whole leaf, seasonal, hand-harvested teas.

At each event you will:
Discuss varietal pairings to compliment savory and sweet cuisines.
Address industry-specific topics such as: Where does tea fit into the fine dining experience? What are the best techniques for serving tea? How do I introduce a loose-leaf tea program?
Handle the tea leaves; familiarize yourself with the differences in appearance, smell and taste.

Like wine, whole leaf, hand-harvested teas have many nuances. Experience the complexity of Baochong, the subtlety of White Down, the earthy textures of Pu-Erh. Imagine sipping a dark, smoky Keemun red tea between bites sauted wild mushrooms, or enjoying a bright Sencha accompaniment to fresh sardines!

Each Monday evening we will delve deeper into the world of whole leaf teas. You are welcome to come to one, or experience all of them to learn about how tea can enrich your cuisine.
The complimentary events are every Monday in June and July, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

1780 4th Street Berkeley 94710

Please R.S.V.P. to, or call (510) 524-1696, extension 1#.