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A Dash of Panache

217 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA
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of 338
in CA

Sun 11:00am - 4:30pm
Mon 11:00am - 4:30pm
Tue 10:30am - 2:00pm
Wed 10:30am - 2:00pm
Thu 10:30am - 2:00pm
Fri 10:30am - 2:00pm
Sat 10:30am - 2:00pm


A Dash of Panache is located in beautiful Downtown Roseville, the city's center of history, culture, and unique shops. They are currently the only true tea parlor offering High Tea in Roseville and the only French-deco tea parlor in Northern California.

High Tea (served anytime with reservations) consists of fresh loose-leaf tea steeped in individual tea pots, cinnamon rolls, fresh-baked scones served with homemade lemon curd and heavy whipped cream, a variety of petite sandwiches (including their famous Chicken Salad with Slivered Almonds and Sliced Grapes), gourmet salad, gourmet soup, vegetable quiche, and petit fours. They offer a Luncheon Tea, Light Lunch Tea, and Tea & Scones. Click here to access info about our Tea Sittings.

NOTE: When you first walk into the 1920's building, you'll be walking into a cafe and full ice cream parlor (and friendship-oriented gift shop). The French-deco Tea Parlor is hidden further back in the establishment so ask about it at the counter. In the far back of the building is the Party Room where they host full-featured little girls' themed birthday parties (Princess parties, Tea parties, Diva Salon parties, Crazy Hair Salon parties, etc.). There is also a Vanity Closet (dress-up) that the women use when coming to tea and little girls use before their parties.

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Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My sister bought a LivingSocial for this place and it was a superb experience. Their prices seemed very reasonable, even low, for many tea houses we have visited. The tea room was French which includes a lot of dark colors with contrasting whites and other colors. I was very impressed and so was my sister. We're both rather picky but neither of us found anything to complain about. Our waitress was super sweet and while the owner didn't talk to our table, we heard him chatting to a nearby table and he seems like a very nice man. We'll be back in a few months again for the holidays. We're looking forward to it.

- Shannon K 07/02/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We came in for the holiday high tea this year and had a wonderful time. The raspberry white chocolate scones were the best I have had and we all enjoyed the peppermint nog with the dessert plate. I have visited a lot of tea parlors and would recommend this as one of the best my friends and I have experienced. Thank you A Dash of Panache for the fun holiday memories!

- Kelli 01/06/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Used a Groupon coupon and came for the first time with my sister. It was very nice and the waitress was delightful. The courses of food far exceeded my expectations. We both loved the French decorations. My sister wanted those chandeliers too!

- Monica 12/03/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Came in with a Groupon and was so blessed! Everything was delightful and exceptional. Very unique style inside this French tea room. Refreshing.

- Barbra Kool 06/20/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Used a Groupon, it was a great deal. There were a lot of people making reservations so it was difficult getting in just before mine expired because everyone else was trying to do the same thing. However, IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT! It was so cool and fun. Exceptional food, wonderfully-kind staff, cute decorations, and great friendship. Thank you for the idea Janet!

- M. Spect 04/13/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I really enjoyed the differences this parlor has over typical tea parlors. Some may not appreciate the French designs which are much different than Old English typical parlors. I think the food is superb and the hostess we had was very friendly and attentive to us both.

- Joanne Crawford 03/26/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My coworker's baby shower was held there and it was fantastic! The tea sitting was elegant and included course after course of nicely prepared dishes. The games were really fun and their staff of waitresses and hosts were a fun kick!

- Melinda Rodriguez 03/11/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I bought a Groupon in January to attend this one of a kind establishment. It was hard to get a reservation because so many Groupon buyers were doing what I was doing but I count it all as TOTALLY WORTH it! It was fun. It was scrumptious. It was relaxing. The regular price (without the Groupon) is very reasonable and I appreciated what we got for the price. I made memories with my friend and daughter. If the owner is around that day, ask to talk to him. He is really nice. The gals that work there are extremely kind, caring, and thoughtful too. Great service.

- Michelle 03/10/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I'm a regular tea goer from Vacaville and this was my first visit to A Dash of Panache. I knew ahead of time that the French Deco design was going to be different and I was happily surprised. It was very well designed inside the parlor and quite tasteful without feeling stuffy. The food was extremely delicious, pretty to the eye, and kept us talking about it on the long drive home. We dressed up in their hat closet and I don't think I have laughed that hard with my friends in a few years. The serving staff was wonderful and the owner was very down to earth and pleasant. I wish I had not liked it so much because now we have to make the long drive more often. Highly recommended!

- Judy Fairchild 02/12/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My girlfriends and I go out to tea quite frequently and we decided to make the long drive up to Roseville to check out their French-deco Parlor. We were very pleased with the results. The food was superior to most tea parlors we have frequented and the owner was very personable. Our waitress was well trained. My group of friends and I are now looking for more excuses to drive up to the Sacramento area so we can hop over to Roseville and visit the Dash of Panache tea house.

- Keri Knudsen 12/14/12