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Aylesbury Tea Room

212 Loudoun St SE | Leesburg, VA
703-868-6935 | Email | Website | Hours

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I've been to the Aylesbury several times and was taken with the quaint and welcoming decor, the variety of tea and the food. Twice I went with friends w/o a reservation and the owner seated us upstairs, which required a lot more energy from the server. But she got the tea and treats to us while the pot was still hot, didn't forget about us when we wanted refills, and was quite cheerful despite the trips up and down those steep steps. All in all, we had a lovely time, esp in winter when the rooms are cozy and warm. I'll definitely be visiting again.

- Kate Salko Jun 2nd '14

Of the many tea rooms that I have visited, the is was by far the worst. I made reservations for noon a month in advance for a party of 11. We were made aware upon our arrival that there was a children's party beginning at 2 and we should we gone by then. Only two types of tea were offered; regular and decaf. The sandwiches were tasteless, the scones were good and the desserts were average, nothing special. We had to keep asking for more tea and rarely did anyone come check in us to see if we needed anything. One person in our group asked for ice water and was told that she could have cold water in a rather short tone. They did let us pay individually; however, I was the last to pay and I got stuck with the gratuity for our entire party even though I heard my friends ask if they needed to pay gratuity and the young girl at the cash register told them 'no, gratuity was included'. What she failed to mention is that gratuity was included in my check only! I was very disappointed in my visit to this tea room.

- R.S. Mar 16th '14

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