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Chado Tea Room

369 E 1st St inside Japanese American National Museum | Los Angeles, CA
213-258-2581 | Email | Website | Hours

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I was really looking forward to a green tea tasting as described on the company web site. Unfortunately when I got there I was informed tea tasting was not done there. My friend and I ordered two of the best Japanese green teas, Gyokuro Supreme & Gyokuro. To my horror after the tea was steeped for one minute, the leaves were discarded before I could even see them. I enjoy smelling and seeing tea leaves before they are brewed. I also enjoy my green teas on the strong side so was sadly disappointed by the brew time and large quantity of water used. I bought a few bulk teas; an excellent matcha, two senchas to try at home. The bulk teas were OK but were on the dry side since they are kept in open barrels, rather than sealed in small containers. Their Japanese green teas are not identified by specific farm or district so I can only assume they are blends from different vendors. I was disappointed overall, possibly this tea room excels in teas from other parts of the world.

- Victoria C Nov 27th '12

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