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Coffee, Tea And Tulips

25280 Marguerite Parkway, B2 #B2 | Mission Viejo, CA
949-587-9988 | Website | Hours
Worldly Tea Room Bistro bringing together our Worldly Inspirations, Lina and Michael join to feed you a total Guest Experience. Our backgrounds include hospitality and itís apparent when you enter. Linaís past experiences are all people centered while Michaelís is culinarily grounded. We learned to eat in San Francisco and the creativeness of other Worldly dishes from Paris, Spain and the Middle East. We bring our hospitality to educate our Guests about Tea; the Best Scones in the World; about Gorgonzola and Pesto; and just having dialog with other humans, about travelling and eating. This is our house and this is your house.

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