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216 Main St. | Rutland, MA
508-886-6505 | Email | Website | Hours

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Fabulous! Outstanding! Delightful!
After visiting Tea Shops throughout the N.E. I finally visited the one closest to my home! I attended their February Valentine Themed Tea, with a friend and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere, excellent service, and homemade goodies. The Italian Tomato Bisque was a favorite. They also carry a nice variety Tea items
and home décor gifts. If you try one of their reasonably priced Themed Teas, I believe you'll find it a very worthwhile experience.

- Carolan Mar 24th '13

I just attended a birthday party at this tea room and I was so delighted by the experience that I felt that I should give a review in thanks ... I am shocked by the review posted earlier. Perhaps they went to a different tea room with a similar name? I found the experience very satisfactory, and not a single stale piece of food anywhere. We were served Minestrone soup and I find it had to believe that it was 'canned' as this person above claims, and it was served quite warm. The area was small but 45 of us were comfortable, and if you needed to slip by someone, all you needed to do was say, 'excuse me, please.' I do not believe in beginning what my niece would call a 'flame war' with someone, but I have to say that the previous person appears to be someone who is not easily satisfied and will exacerbate any problems they can find. I personally cannot wait to go back. Thank you.

- Marie Dec 23rd '12

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