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Gypsy's Tea Room

111 Stoner Avenue | Westminster, MD
410 857 0058 | Email | Hours

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My mom and I have been going to tea together regularly for over twenty years and have been to our share of tearooms- recently we decided to try someplace new. After some research we found Gypsy's Tearoom. I really wanted to like it, I can usually find something to like even if it's not perfect. Gypsy's was a terrible experience. The staff was rude, there was nothing that I ordered that was even edible and the tea wasn't even good. (I'm not sure how they messed up tea but they did) The decorations were odd and shabby (and not in the chic way) and it was one of the most expensive tea's we've ever been to. If I'm going to pay eighty dollars for two people to have tea then it better be good. All in all it's not worth the time or the money to go here.

- Katie and Petra Jul 24th '15

I love Gypsy's my mother and sister and I go here every chance we get and we have to drive 45 minutes to get there from Frederick. The staff is wonderful especially Mrs. Winter. The place is lovely and easily accessible. They have a bunch of different rooms on different levels and a wonderful and extensive tea list, also there are always a few teas out for samples when you first come in which is really nice so you don't feel guilty about ordering 4 different pots of tea.

- Raquel Jan 22nd '15

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