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Hart Sister's Tea Room

303 n. park ave | Sanford, FL
407-262-0218 | Email | Website | Hours
Hart Sisters is closed and no longer doing business.

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I have just subscribed to Tea Map and that is why this review is so long overdue. My daughter and I visited this Tea Room sometime in July of 2012 while she was still living in the Orlando area. We found the atmosphere, staff, food and general ambiance of this Tea Room lovely. Yes, we have been to more elegant Tea Rooms and also some really awful ones but Hart Sister's Tea Room was quaint and we enjoyed a very pleasant tea. There was a private party going on in one room and the main dining room filled up while we were there. I didn't think the service suffered and quite honestly, the food was good. The next time we are in that area we will definitely stop by again.

- Suzanne Arceri Jul 29th '13

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