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2440 W Main St. | Littleton, CO
720-981-2512 | Email | Website | Hours

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This is a wonderful tea shop. The collection of different teas reaches up the wall and is accessed by the staff using those rolling ladders, like in the candy shop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They'll take some down for you to smell, and will help you make a selection if you are too boggled by the huge list of tea choices. They have all sorts, including Guayusa, Mate, and a great selection of Rooibos, and of course white, green, black, oolong, and pu-erh tea, and herbal teas. My favorites are the Midnight Blue, Wintermint, Root Beer Rooibos, and Blackberry Rain. They have two slushy machines, they have a wall of syrups, they have a list of suggested fancy blends, and they even do tea cocktails. The person who stocks the wall of tea ware is a marketing genius, and it's a gre... (more)

- carrie Oct 1st '15

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