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Never Too Latte

486 San Mateo Ave. | San Bruno, CA
1-650-588-4685 | Email | Hours

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We had just met one of our long-time online friends in person, and took her here. I've been here before for some lovely crepes, pastries, tea, and other items. We went in for their newish Tea menu (I don;t see it online), and ordered the King and Queen's Tea package. Holy cow, it was delicious! This is what we got:
Three choices of English-style loose-leaf tea
six kinds of bite-size sandwiches with homemade sauces
Spring mix salad with Italian vinaigrette
House-made coleslaw
Three scones with strawberry jelly Three pieces each of banana bread and glazed lemon bread
Three petite thumbprint cookies
Three madeleines
Three pieces each of triple-layer chocolate mousse cake and lemon-coconut mousse cake
Three petite cheesecakes
Fruit mix
Three choices ... (more)

- Kimi Little Jul 24th '14

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