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Pinkadilly Tea

707 Caroline St
Fredericksburg, VA
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of 70
in VA

Sun closed
Mon closed
Tue 11:00am - 4:00pm
Wed 11:00am - 4:00pm
Thu 11:00am - 4:00pm
Fri 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm


Sat: Seatings at 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Sun: Reservation only for Private
Parties of 20 or more --
Afternoon Tea Service only

Tue - Fri: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Sat: Seatings at 11am, 1pm & 3pm
Sun: Reservation only for Private
Parties of 20 or more --
Afternoon Tea Service only


Pinkadilly Tea is located in the historic district of downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia directly across from the Fredericksburg Visitors Center. Steeped in history and loaded with charm, Fredericksburg is a perfect setting for a tearoom. Pinkadilly Tea is a perfect spot to relax, unwind and enjoy time
with friends.

We offer Afternoon 'High' Tea Services by reservation (24 hour advanced notice required), as well as a limited lunch menu consisting of salads, sandwiches, quiche and soup. All dishes are homemade, prepared on site with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

We hope you will come see us soon here at Pinkadilly Tea where everyday our special 'tea' is you.

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Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I love Pinkadilly, but something that could be improved is for table busing and moving the cart with dirty dishes out of site asap. Recently while there Crystal was bustling around doing a great job serving (it was BUSY), and another employee walked past a full cart of dirty dishes that she could have moved off the main dining room floor. I got the feeling the priority wasn't to bus the tables and keep the dining area neat, which does detract from the dining experience. Perhaps another staff member should be dedicated to busing tables and discreetly wiping them. (I'd also suggest not keeping Windex sitting on tables in site while people are dining.) Just a few formal touches would improve the most excellent food quality, attentiveness, and joy one experiences while at Pinkadilly.

- Jinger 07/30/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This would be my second choice of tea room in the Spotsylvania area (1st is the tea room in Culpepper. Would like to see a more comprehensive choice of lunch items...the tea was well-brewed though.

- Helen 06/21/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Although I live 50 miles away from Pinkadilly Tea, it is the BEST tea room in the entire Washington DC area!!! My favorite's are the Crab Soup and Earl Grey Cream Tea...

- Aggie 05/13/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This time I had the decaf Monk's Blend...a tasty tea. Our server was attentive without being in our way. The 3-teired assortment of food was delicious. The chicken salad and crab soup are two items not to be missed. I must say the vanilla scone was the best scone I have ever eaten! The other yummy one was chocolate chip, which I enjoyed at home later that day. Our tea service included 2 scones, chicken salad sandwich, bean wrap, tex-mex pie on mini-cornbread base, 3 desserts with grapes and orage slices for garnish.. And of course, a full pot of hot tea. All for $19.95 for the 'Princess' tea service. We will be going back soon to enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Almost forgot to tell you about the assortment of hats to browse and borrow, and the assortment of teas, etc for sale. Call to make your reservation!

- Carol 05/05/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I took my 5 1/2 yr. old granddaughter to Pinkadilly for the second time a couple of weeks ago. She loves going there as we do. She loves all the big floppy hats to try on and also the Little Miss tea tray with the wonderful variety of different goodies for her. Adults have a wonderful time there also - ladies as well as gentlemen. The service is always great, very friendly and very efficient. The food and the variety of teas - wonderful! If anybody ever complains of the noise, they need to remember; 'it's a tea party.' It's fun and everybody of any age will enjoy it. Would recommend Pinkadilly to anybody that wants to go to a tea party!

- Sue 03/21/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have been several times with a group of friends. We love the food, teas, and scones!!! It's always fun and great service.

- Kathy whitby 02/03/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Best tea and scones in the neighborhood!!! Tasty food, by far my favorite restaurant in Fredericksburg! Worth the drive. Tastefully decorated and devoted to the art of tea

- Mrs.Elizabeth 01/28/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Thank you for the very special tea experience which you provided for my friends and me. After 'taking tea' a many places over the years, Pinkadilly Tea stands out as one of the best. EVERYTHING was absolutely delicious and presented beautifully! I would love to have the cream scone recipe, as it was wonderful!

- Joan Blair 01/27/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Thank you for an afternoon of Tea pleasantries of all kinds. Every aspect of the Tea gave opportunities to build beautiful memories. Most favorite of all was the Vanilla Cream Scones. If you share recipes, I would be honored to receive one for Vanilla Cream Scones, as well as the one for Lemon Curd, which paired perfectly with the scone. Thank you for your love and devotion to the art of 'taking tea.'

With thanks and appreciation,
Irene K. Edgar of Lanham, MD

- Irene K. Edgar 01/26/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I take my mother here for her birthday and she looks forward to it every year. The tea and food are fantastic. Fantastically priced and calm and warm atmosphere.

- Heather Ivory 01/26/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This is by far the best tea room I have ever been to and I've had tea in a lot of places. The pinkadilly beats the Biltmore hands down! The service is excellent, the atmosphere is lovely and the scones are the best I've ever had! I'll be returning soon. I highly recommend this tea room.

- Patricia MacMillan 01/10/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Loose tea. Served in pots with tea cozies. Tasty selection of sandwiches and scones. Teapots and teacups for sale on display along the walls.

Menu offers a lower-priced tea for the 'little miss or mister' and as a result the place has a liberal sprinkling of children.

Despite a notice on the menu asking guests to keep it down as the acoustics were not the best in the tea room, we could barely hear each other over the chatter of the children. We finally just gave up on holding conversation, it was just too noisy.

So. if you are looking for a decent pot of tea and some tasty scones and wee sandwiches, you're in luck.

If you are looking for a calm, time-away-from-the-world experience, you may need to keep looking.

- Pat Roy 01/05/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My daughter in law and myself were here the other day and loved every-thing as usual. So glad you moved closer to town. Would love your recipe for your moist scones.

- Maryann Hoffmann 11/27/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Normally I wouldn't frequent a tea room, but this place has got it going on! The best chicken salad, the best Reuben, the best desserts, the best EVERYTHING. Seriously, if you want something homemade and delicious to eat, this is the place. This woman can really cook - her family is so lucky to be able to eat such great food all the time. Adopt me, please?

- Jessica 11/01/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Well my family has returned after 2 years from lands far away. We have driven from Manassas, VA on several occasions to luncheon at Pinkadilly and to catch up with our friends there, the owner Kay, Brittney, and Christal and the rest of her impeccable serving staff. We missed them all terribly during our absence. Other than having left Smythe Cottage (we were sad as that had special personal memories for us), but the new venue is much roomier and has it's own special appeal. Kay did wonders with an old deli location. The food and teas remain the best to be had and you just can not go wrong having a wonderful 'tea' here. Fredericksburg has great shopping and plenty of history so make it a full day. Make reservations esp. on the weekends so you are not disappointed. Having lunch (for 2)at Pinkadilly Wednesday Kay!!

- Denise 10/21/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My friend and I had lunch yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed the new location and were happy to see many customers. The tomato dill bisque was absolutely delicious. The chicken salad croissant was tasty and just enough for lunch. I am looking forward to my next visit. The ambience is delightful.

- Mary Lou Felts 10/10/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Enjoyed a delicious croissant filled with chicken salad, grapes and lettuce. As a bonus, soup was offered with my sandwich. The tomato bisque was outstanding. The pot of Earl Grey Tea was brewed just right and complemented my scrumptious lunch. Definitely will return soon to sample the scones at Pinkadilly Tea. Only one selection was available on my visit. The surroundings were charming and bright. Our server was cheerful and helpful.

- Corita O'Brien 10/09/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Had my daughters Bridal shower at Pinkadilly, nothing but rave reviews from my guests, this place was a huge hit, we had an amazing time, food and service was outstanding, loved the tea choices and the tea kept coming, Quiche was lovely, didn't get to try the crab soup because they were all out.
looking forward to returning in the very near future.
Thank you for a memorable day.

- Roberta 09/28/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Another birthday tea under our belts, this makes the 6th year in a row. As always we enjoyed ourselves, the tea, and our meal...but the sweetest was when Kay, the owner, came out with the pre-ordered cake (Snickerdoodle...daughter's favorite) herself and wished daughter Happy Birthday. Being a Saturday it was a busy day at the tea house, very glad I made reservations even though there were only 4 of us. Loving the new location, and the improvements they keep making. Onto the menu...again, it's the cream of crab soup that keeps us going back. Can not even express how perfect this soup is. And the quiche', YUM, perfect balance of flavors and textures. Daughter's friend had her introduction to Pinkadilly's today and she didn't even talk, imagine that, a teen girl not talking. She savored ... (more)

- Reese 09/21/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The tea room was a great experience for our Mothers and their Daughters. The new experience for our Debs was so breathtaking that each one of them want to return and tell a friend. The friendliness and tasteful food/teas were phenomenal! The customer service was A1 and with a smile. I will definitely host another party and tell my entire neighborhood!

- Charita Mariner 08/30/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Best ever! My daughter and I love going for tea and this was the best place we have been to. You have to try it.

- Kellie 08/07/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We happened upon this tea room today and had the most wonderful experience! The staff was very helpful and made some wonderful suggestions, the food was excellent, everything was delicious. I am planning another visit to try items on the menu I missed!

- J. Buro 08/02/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My Book Club had a wonderful time having lunch and enjoying the atmosphere. I can't wait to bring my three granddaughters for a special time together.

- Selena 07/18/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My daughters and I have been to this beautiful tea room twice. The first time we had the tray with the scones, sandwiches and dessert. The second time we had the quiche, soup, and scones. We had three different teas each time we visited. The tea was brewed perfectly and all of the food was delicious. We have visited many tea rooms including some in England and the scones at the Pinkadilly Tea Room were as good as the best scones we have ever eaten.(And that's saying a lot.) We also had the crab soup which was the best crab soup that we have ever had and being from Maryland, we have eaten a lot of crab soup! We are now using the Pinkadilly Tea Room as the standard for all tea rooms that we visit in the future.

- Barbara Johnsen 07/02/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My first visit to Pinkadilly was a little over a week ago, and it was worth every bit of the hour-long drive to get there. It was such a lovely, cheerful atmosphere—everything from the pink walls and crystal chandeliers, to the floral-patterned china and the assortment of victorian-style hats available to borrow made it the ideal setting for a ladies' day out. The she crab soup was the best I have ever had (and my parents are both from Annapolis—so that's saying a LOT!); the selection of teas was extensive; the quiche and scones that also came with my meal were simply amazing; and the value of the portions and variety of what's included with the 'Lady Catherine' was incredible. I'm rallying for a Richmond location now, but I would gladly drive an hour to visit this wonderful place again! It's not just a tearoom—it's a charming, memory-making experience.

- Kate 06/17/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I visited Pinkadilly Tea for the first time at their new location in June 2013 and wish I'd been able to go sooner! The food was excellent; salads were fresh, everything was delicious, the tea tray was well-varied and lovely in its arrangement. The tea was also well prepared and brewed correctly.

I threw the waitress a bit of a loop by requesting tea service (which must be reserved at least a day in advance). I had reserved but it was not written down... however, she quickly arranged to accommodate my request anyway. All of the service was very pleasant, from seating to checkout.

I highly recommend the chicken salad, mini-cheesecakes, and chocolate truffles. And the vanilla scones were the yummiest I've ever tasted (they are more fluffy and cake like, not as much li... (more)

- Lindsey 06/15/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I really enjoyed their previous location better. I visited the new location recently and the 'quaint tea room' quality is long gone. The feel of the place is more like a diner than an old fashioned high tea. The noise was deafening and I had to shout to my company to be heard. The old location was soft and quiet and secluded and this is 'too busy'. The food is still good but for a high tea I won't be returning.

- Joanna 06/02/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My friends and I love this place we have been many times for lunch and other special events and we have always had a wonderful time the staff is very friendly and the food is fantastic !! the scones and crab soup are one of my favorite things at Pinkadilly:)

- Sp 05/24/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Love Pinkadilly Tea!! I have been there with my daughters and granddaughter, my cousins reunion and with my 2 best friends! The staff has always been very friendly and helpful!
The crab soup is wonderful!!!! Desserts to die for.....Banana Cake,
Bread pudding, Raspberry cake!

- Cindy Krass 05/11/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

As a red hatter who also has been to a few tea houses and been to other teas in the Northern VA area this was one of the best' Like others in the group I went with felt the artichoke amazing. Loved the presentation of the scones, sandwiches etc and the choice of teas was excellent. The staff was friendly and professional. While there there was a birthday party for a group of young girls. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with my daughter and grand daaughter

- Louise 04/19/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This was my third visit to the Pinkadilly Tea Room and each one has been a truly wonderful experience at both locations. They have an excellent and lengthy list of teas including several green teas and herbal varieties to suit all tastes. The service is timely and always friendly and knowledgable. Each time we have enjoyed different menus that we have really enjoyed. The scones are some of the best I have eaten, and the sandwiches are quite deliciously different each time. We found the artichoke spread on baguette especially amazing this time as well as the strawberry trifles. Our Red Hat group has visited many tea rooms over the years and this one remains our favorite and well worth the travel time to go there.

- Katie 04/17/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This is a wonderful tea house with charm and grace! The staff is very friendly and showed great attention to detail. The food was out of this world! The Maryland Crab Soup is a must! We also had an opportunity to meet with the owner, who spoke with us and shared her love of tea. We highly recommend this tea house!

- Michelle 04/11/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Pinkadilly Tea is wonderful! I have lost count of the number of visits. I have been to the old and new locations to celebrate birthdays with the girls, Mother's Day, Christmas, anytime I can have tea at the Pinkadilly I do. My daughter often comes with me. Tea at the Pinkadilly is a wonderful experience for the 'Little Miss' in your life. It has something for everyone who loves tea and those who don't know they love it yet. I have booked tea for 4 and tea for more than 24. The food is always superb. You can see the care that goes into the menu choices. The tea room is adorable. The staff makes every tea special.

- Deann 04/10/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This is by far my favorite tea house, and frequent it as often as I am able. It may sound silly, but I dream of Kay's crab soup, it's THAT good. Everything I've had here has a well balance of flavors, and I always feel relaxed and at home. The teas are well and properly brewed, and the scones are so good with lemon curd or fresh cream. We typically go for lunch, but on occasion we do have a tea service which is always just so beautiful and selection is very delicious. Yes, indeed, can not go wrong at this tea house, as you are enjoying your shopping downtown historical Fredericksburg, VA.

- Reese 03/27/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I've had tea recently at Disney World's Grand Floridian and Keswick Hall in VA. Pinkadilly remains my favorite. The tea tastes fantastic and the amount and quality of food is superb. I find it gauche to serve jelly to adults having high tea, and Kay doesn't do this. We need more professional tea houses that give an air of specialness to the tea experience. Pinkadilly does a great job.

- Jen W. 03/13/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My friend and I LOVE your restaurant and look forward to visiting whenever we are in Fredericksburg. The food is exquisite and the scones are heavenly! We were happy to discover the new location still offers friendly service and an expanded dining room that is pretty and feminine but not uncomfortable for male visitors. Cute tea cozies and tiered yummy treats along with regular lunch offerings. Wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion! I highly recommend it!!!

- Nancy Councilor 02/20/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We stopped in for tea after a full day of shopping. What a pleasant surprise. Everything from the initial greeting to the presentation of the delicious scones and tea, to our final goodbye reflected a sincere desire from the staff to make our tea experience outstanding. We are anxious to return.

- A & P.K. 02/15/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I've gone to Pinkadilly's four times now, three times at the old shoppe and once in the new place and every time it has been amazing! Delicious food and wonderful tea. It is always a great experience, whether for a girls night out or a cozy date :)

- Andrea 02/14/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

They moved to a new location. The meal was nice. The tea selections are very limited. The atmosphere and staff were wonderful.

- Susan 01/29/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My girlfriend and I have been coming to Pinkadilly Tea since it has been open. We just went to the new location On 12/3. We arrived in the afternoon had a wonderful meal, atmosphere was amazing. Then step right out the door and watched the Xmas Parade and Santa came to town. It was a great day with friends & delicous homemade food. Everything is great! Love the new location! Staff was great as always. Can't wait for our next 'Girls day out'. Happy Holidays!

- Tammy 12/09/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Our Women's club from Blue Ridge Shores in Louisa Virginia went to the Tea House yesterday for the second time. We loved the new location with it's pink Victorian ambiance and spacious dining areas. Once again the food was fabulous. I was lucky enough to order the Queen Elizabeth tea service which allowed me to have everything! The crab soup was tremendous and coming from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I know good crab soup. The quiche was light and delicious,the tea sandwiches were delightful and the scones melted in your mouth. The lemon curd was my favorite while my table mates liked the strawberry scones with the cream. And last but not least, the mouth watering deserts. Yum yum! I was utterly amazed that each and every morsel served is made from scratch and baked on site. You don't fi... (more)

- Diane Baker 12/06/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I recently visited the tearoom with my daughter and my two grandchildren. It was my granddaughters 9th birthday. This was the perfect place!! When we arrived my granddaughter was directed to the back where she selected a large hat to wear (we all donned hats during our luncheon). A wide variety of teas were offered. The four of us were each served a beautiful tea pot snuggled in a cute cozy with our selection. We ordered ahead to take advantage of a very special array of homemade tea sandwiches and desserts. They even had some designed for the children. Sandwiches shaped like ghosts,we were there prior to halloween. The tea room was more than I imagined. We all made some wonderful memories there. The server was wonderful. She went out of her way to make the children feel special. Every little girl (and bog girls also) 'needs' to have a special tea party like we did.

- Julie 10/30/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

One of my best friends is having her first baby, the fact which we celebrated this weekend with afternoon tea at Pinkadilly. We had an excellent time. The tea was very good, the food was excellent (I was a huge fan of the vanilla cream scones, yum!), but above all, I have to say, the staff is what made the experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and attentive. They were far from stuffy. They seemed to enjoy what they were doing and wanted you to enjoy your time as well. Which we did. Very much so. I would definitely recommend Pinkadilly to anyone looking to have a enjoyable afternoon with some friends over great tea, awesome food, in a cozy atmosphere. Thanks Pinkadilly!

- Jetta 10/15/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The ladies of my family and I love to have lunch dates and tea at Pinkadilly! We always have a lovely time and are always very well taken care of! The staff is friendy and seem genuinely glad to see us. There are so many things there to love - the tea, the chicken salad, the scones, the soup, and plenty of other special treats that are made there. They even always welcome my three-year-old daughter, which is nice because they could easily be aggravated since there are so many breakables. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy. We've tried several other tea rooms and none compare to Pinkadilly!

- Tori B. 10/12/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The Pinkadilly Tea House is my all time favorite tearoom to visit. The savories ands sweets are always varied and absolutely delicious. The scones are out of this world! The varieties of teas to choose from never leave you lacking from trying something new! The staff is always very friendly and accommodating- it is such a positive experience to enjoy! Need to relax and get away from it all, for just a little while, spend some time at The Pinkadilly Tea House.

- Mary Lu Bednarsky 10/09/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinkadilly Tea!! I recently treated my Mom and Grandma (both from out of town) to Pinkadilly, and they loved it. My Grandmother, who is a VERY picky eater, loved the spinach and feta quiche and the chicken salad, Excited for the new location, even though we all love the quaintness of it now. Can't wait for the next visit!!

- April Baley 10/06/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The Pinkadilly Tea House is a delightful treat to share with 'The Girls'. The food is delicious and the atmosphere & decor are wonderful. The servers are helpful and knowledgeable on the teas and menu and they strive to make your visit enjoyable. My favorite, the scones & devonshire cream - YUM!!

- Karen 09/14/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Pinkadilly has been our favorite 'special occasion' destination for over 3 years. We love the girlie pink decor and could literally spend hours looking at all the tea pots and cups on display. The staff is always friendly and the food is always AWESOME! The tea service offers a delicious variety of sandwiches and seasonal treats. And the cream of crab soup...mmmmmmm!! But our absolute favorite is the warm scones and devonshire cream! Pair it with a cup of (our favorite) Lady Londonderry and you have a tea time fit for the queen herself! We never miss an opportunity to recommend Pinkadilly to friends and family. We'll be back again and again!

- Becky Cuba 09/12/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Pinkadilly tea was so good to my friends and I when they opened up on a Sunday for a private party of little girls and their mamas. Oohs and Aahs were heard from mamas and little girls alike when the tiers of delicious food came out! The girls had a blast trying on tea hats and being silly and did not want to leave this beautiful pink house :) The mamas enjoyed the best hospitality, delicious food and wonderful company. Our server was also the cook and preparer and she treated us warmly and like family. A 5 star experience and one every little girl and their mama should do at least once or you and your best girlfriends :) We hope to make this an annual tradition...but the food is so yummy, we will definately return before then. You will not be disappointed with Pinkadilly Tea.

- Jenna Veloz 09/08/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I visited for the first time in August 2011 with my two daughters and a great friend and her daughter who live in Fredericksburg. The girls had a wonderful time with the dress up hats and loved drinking their 'tea' with pinkies up. The atmosphere and food was excellent but I have to make a special mention of the scones. I had never had a scone in my life and I was hooked! Add the Lemon Curd or Devonshire Cream and it is heavenly! We got some to go and enjoyed them all weekend while hurricane Irene hit the East Coast. After that visit I tried to find a scone in upstate NY that tasted as good. None have come close. I visited again in August 2012 and the first plan was lunch at Pinkadilly. Again, the food was great and I got scones to go. I had been telling my coworkers how great th... (more)

- Kristin 09/05/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We just went to the most charming birthday party at Pinkadilly Tea at Smythe's Cottage (for a 6 year old)! They had dress up hats and scarves for the girls to play with until tea was served and they kept them very entertained. Tea was beautiful and perfectly kid friendly and my picky girls oohed and ahhed over the heart and other shaped sandwiches, and especially all the petite desserts that were served (including teapot shaped pink chocolate lollipops). We moms enjoyed pots of tea and delicious sandwiches, and my personal favorite, their Cream of Crab soup, which is the best I've ever had - thick, creamy, and full of crab. My only regret was only getting the teacup size! I intend to find excuses to plan my own parties there - what a delight! Of course even just an occasional lunch would be a treat.

- Sarah 09/04/12