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Queen of Cups

289 Main St | Greenfield, MA
413-774 1753 | Hours
A wonderful tearoom serving lunch and afternoon tea, and our famous British Brunch on Sundays.
British sausages from Myers of Keswick in NYC,all the trimmings, fresh baked goods, scones, cookies and cakes made fresh daily.
A warm but not overly fussy atmosphere makes everyone feel at home.
Free internet and a full bar.

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This place is never open, and the woman who owns it scams, belittles, and rips off her employees. Have you ever heard of an owner who doesn't work all day when everyone working for her is slammed, then strolls in and stick's her hands in the waitresses tip jar to take their tips!?!? We saw her do it! Disgusting. Our favorite waitress left this mess, so there is nothing left to recommend this place-- even if it were open when the owner claims that it is.

- Maddie Oct 6th '13

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