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Shakespeare's Fine English Tea Room

101 Palm Harbor Parkway
Palm Coast, FL

of 159
in FL

Sun 11:00am - 7:00pm
Mon 11:00am - 6:00pm
Tue 11:00am - 6:00pm
Wed 11:00am - 6:00pm
Thu 11:00am - 5:00pm
Fri 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sat 11:00am - 8:00pm


Shakespeare's is owned and run by an English couple, Lynn and Gerald, who moved to Florida from Somerset. They have deliberately styled the Restaurant not as a Victorian tearoom but as an upscale 'Country Manor House Hotel' dining room. They cater for the everyday lunch and dinner with the signature dish a stunning three tier platter Afternoon Tea. Open everyday from 11:00 am. Shakespeare's caters for large and small parties, bridal and baby showers, corporate, office, birthday or anniversary we have space and will work with the client to arrange that very special and memorable event.
Clients travel from Jacksonville and beyond to sample the all homemade food that is prepared in the modern kitchens here in the European Village. Full menu available by fax or email at wgerald386@aol.com. Website coming soon.

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Called today 12/26 before driving one and one half hour and was assured that scones and high tea would be available.

Upon arriving I was told that no scones were available and neither was a high tea.

This is horrible service and I would not recommend anyone wasting their time going there.

About two years ago, we went to tea there, but I think the owners have changed and do not think this tea room will be open much longer.

- Mary E Wilson 12/26/13

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- hiponicf 11/23/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Just went back for the afternoon tea and Cornish pasty ( which I uploaded the photos of) and it was sooooo tasty.... Well done
See again soon

- Manny Gonzalez 11/17/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This place is brilliant... I had the best plough mans lunch and scones , clotted cream and jam. I can't wait to go back and try everything else.
Everyone there was wonderful...

- Manny Gonzalez 11/10/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Wonderful afternoon tea experience! Elegant and cozy setting. We tried the house tea blend and were very pleased. Also recommend the 'Eaton mess'. Definitely will be back!

- frederik 10/29/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Our group of 22 Red Hat Ladies had a 'tea party' here and it was lovely. Candace and her assistant were excellent at keeping everything straight and the presentations were lovely - the Afternoon Tea menu option was very popular and a big hit. There is plenty of room for a large group and the restaurant was well-prepared for us. We definitely plan to return individually and as a group.

- Donna 10/11/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Had a wonderful time. The food and service were excellent. Went with a group of about 18 ladies and the tearoom had no problem accommodating our needs with prompt and courteous service. Definitely plan to go back.

- Melissa Lucero 09/30/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

A good friend introduced me to this charming tea room. Beautiful decor with gracious service. The food was delicious. I've been twice & enjoyed it very much both times.

- Lori 09/27/13

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Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We had a bridal shower at Shakespeare's Tea Room and it was outstanding. Guests from many different parts of the United States attended and were so impressed. I have received several thank you notes stating it was one of the most enjoyable bridal showers they ever attended.

- Theresa Griffiths 09/21/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Shakespeare's reminds me of some of the beautiful tearooms that you see in the magazine 'Tea Time'. You almost feel like you're in England and in a different time era.
They served tea in charming tea cups and exquisite teapots. My Afternoon Tea lunch was served on a three tier plate with sweet scones, clotted cream, jam and petite tea sandwiches, fruit, salad and some delectable sweets.
We were dining with a wonderful group of P.E.O. sisters on July 24,2013.
Of course we made a toast to 'His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge.

- Beverly Senko 07/25/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have enjoyed this tearoom with a large group, with a few friends, and at tea and fashion show. It was superb every time!

- Lee Herkamp 07/25/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

we had a wonderful tea with 25 ladies today. One guest is from England and we toasted a cup of tea to the new Royal Baby. A lovely day for our ladies.

- Sandy Trautwein 07/24/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

As one of the ladies in the group visiting this tearoom today commented, 'It was better than high tea at Harrod's in London.' I heartily concur. Everything about the presentation, service,and food quality was superb. It was well worth the drive from Port Orange to Palm Coast. The cost for the afternoon tea was reasonable compared with other tearooms I have visited both in Florida and elsewhere. The variety of the scones, tea sandwiches, and pastries was excellent. I won't hesitate to recommend this tearoom to others and to visit it again myself in the future.

- Mary g 05/16/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Thank you for a lovely experience this afternoon. Our Red Hat group was most delighted with the charm, service and food. Special thanks to our server and Candice. We will be back!

- Crane Lakes Lady Birds 05/16/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration this year with the help of 'Shakespeare's Fine English Tea Room'. Our plans were to have a picnic & fishing out on our boat. I called hoping they could help me with some sandwiches. I have been to the Tea Room twice before and so enjoyed the Tea's, atmosphere and food selections. On Mother's Day - who's Mom would like to cook or prepare - not me...so they took the reign and prepared a beautiful selection of sandwiches to serve at our picnic. Such wonderful responses of how delicious they were by all in attendance - thank you so much for helping me in such short notice - I will have wonderful memories of this day! Thanks Candice!

- Karin Letizia 05/14/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have been to the Shakespeare Tea room for a few events and on my own. The food is always excellent as is the presentation and service. Candice is so very accommodating and makes you feel welcome. I just love to have lunch here!

- Gerri Drewes 03/19/13

Tearoom Response
Gerri, Thank you for your review. We try to keep everything authentic English and up market.Candice and her crew take care of the dining room and make our job in the kitchen so much easier because we know that you the customer, are being well cared for. We look forward to seeing you again
Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I go all the time because I love the atmosphere,food and service. I actually feel I am in Europe when I am there

- Reyna 02/03/13

Tearoom Response
Reyna, we are proudly English and try our best to provide the best that England has to offer including real clotted cream. Please keep coming back and enjoying our small corner of Europe in Palm Coast.
Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Went to the tea room with my daughter at 5:50pm on 1/13/13. Web site hours are wrong and was told they close at 7pm. On two other customers inside and they refused to seat us. Told us they start cleaning up an hour before they actually close.....all I can say is wow. Guess they don't need patronage....

- Nancy 01/11/13

Tearoom Response
Nancy I am sorry you were dissappointed on our timings. We are unable to change our times on the teamap website and have to submit our changes by phone or email and even then they are not always changed correctly. We take our last food orders 45mins/60mins before close to enable the customer to eat without a server sweeping up round them and to allow our kitchen and wash up staff time to clean and still leave on time. We change our hours regularly based on the week and any special events and for this reason it is always advisable to ring first to make a reservation or to check our times.
Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

It was amazing I LOVED it! The tea, preporation, everything was amazing and the staff was very nice too! :)

- Maria 01/11/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Discovered this jewel of a tea room while traveling on our boat. Excellent afternoon tea was scrumptious and service was first rate. Wished I lived closer so I could go there on a regular basis.

- Mary and Joe Wilson 12/28/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have been 'taking tea' for over 50 years--all over the U.S. and in Canada, Bermuda, England, and Japan. I was delighted to find Shakespeare's in Palm Coast. The tearoom, unlike many others, serves high and afternoon teas from opening at 11 and does not require prior reservations for those teas offerings. They have excellent service, other delicious English-type meals--two of my favorites being their Cornish pasties and shepherd pies, and some alcoholic beverages. Shakespeare's consistantly offers a very fine tea in a comfortable and refined setting. I plan to visit often.

- Kay 10/10/12