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shangri-La Tearoom and Vegetarian Restaurant

1800 W. Overland Rd. | Boise, ID
208-424-0273 | Website | Hours

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I have visited this tearoom several times always hoping that the tea experience would measure up to the fine list of over 70 teas they offer. Unfortunately, this has never been the case.

The busy staff does not seem familiar with the tea menu, nor do they serve the tea well. On two occassions when I have asked for a particular type of tea, the server wasn't even sure they had such a thing and I had to point it out on the their menu. On my most recent visit, the tea arrived in a cold cast iron pot with lukewarm water. Even after steeping over a candle-flame warmer for nearly 10 minutes it barely tinted the tepid water and gave no hint of the flavor. Luckily, a second infusion with HOT water gave a darker brew than the first with a reasonable taste.

The food is all vegeta... (more)

- Janice Z Mar 29th '14

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