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Simpson House Tea Room

110 Pottstown Pike Village of Eagle
Chester Springs, PA
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of 171
in PA

Sun 11:00am - 3:00pm
Mon closed
Tue closed
Wed 11:00am - 3:00pm
Thu 11:00am - 3:00pm
Fri 11:00am - 3:00pm
Sat 11:00am - 3:00pm


Conveniently located on Rt 100 in the Village of Eagle. Directly across from the Eagle Tavern & right next door to CVS. Ample parking available in rear of buildings. Join us for our monthly tea tasting or book a private party for a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower, graduation, rehearsal dinner or just because!
Our upstairs celebration rooms are just right for the smaller parties from 6 to 14. Our main dining room is available for larger groups. Last seating 1s 90 minutes prior to close. Reservations are strongly suggested and many times are required.Due to heavy volume & customer requests, we are limiting children under 12 to Sundays only. Call for more info.

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Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Very nice indeed. great tea selection and excellent food.

- Janet McDougall, Pottstown, PA 09/15/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Had tea last week. Was excellent in all ways.

- Diana, Wayne 08/26/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The only thing missing from this visit to my visit to a tearoom in Devon was the English accents! Scones, lemon butter, Devonshire cream and tea sandwiches (even cucumber) were just as good!

- Alice Bitner, Paoli 05/24/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Lots of teas, and excellent food

- Scott, Devon 04/26/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What a nice visit this was. The place is adorable with linens and fresh flowers, soft music and lots of charm. The food was wonderful with homemade scones (and very big ones not little tiny ones), some kind of cream and lemon butter. We came with an amazone locale voucher but we'll be back as it is worth the full price.

- Ann Matlack, Pottstown 03/29/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This is our favorite tea room to visit. The food is excellent, the place is adorable and the staff is knowlegable and friendly. We were thrilled when they changed their policy to allow children in only on the weekends. We were quite disturbed however when this Thursday past, there was a table with a very whiny, bratty pre-school aged child. Obviously the grandparents (I think) do not think the rules apply to them. I feel bad for the owners as it is hard to turn people away with children in tow but I feel worse for customers like myself who have to endure a whining disruptive child when we are trying to enjoy a pleasant day out. Stick to your rules Simpson House...you don't want to alienate your customer base.

- Amanda Nelson, Paoli 01/12/14

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Great place but busy busy busy...be sure to have a reservation!

- Amy Dunbar, Paoli 08/26/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What a great Tea for Two Queen Anne Royal Tea! Lots of fresh tea sandwiches, great tea selection and the scones & desserts...to die for. Fresh peach topping on crunchy crumb cake.

- Chloe, Norristown 08/19/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Very nice place...good food, and lots of teas

- Andrea, New Jersey 07/22/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Just used Living Social voucher for a High Tea for Two ( I know, I let it go until the last day) so it was really crowded and noisy but God bless them, they squeezed as many of us in as possible to use it before the expiration date. Even though it was jammed the service was still great and everyone had a smile on their faces. And the food...it was fabulous! The scones and the homemade lemon curd and cream was to die for, the tea sandwiches were fresh and filling and the soup was great as well as the salad with the homemade champagne vinaigrette. The assortment of teas is unbelievable and they even had four iced teas. We will be back for sure!

- Keira, Norristown 06/30/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Worst Tea House. Food was good but miniscule, not small . Enough for a 2yr old not 2 adults.Brought a guest was totally embarrassed at the amt of food. Got more sampling at Costco. Lunch? That should be considered fraud. Should be called miniscule samples Soup was 5 spoon fulls. Salad was 5 1x1 pieces of lettuce with 2 sliver of cucumber,grape tomato,1 black olive.Sandwiches were 1/2'W x 2'L. Scones (2) were the size of a 50 cent piece. Wasn't worth he Groupon price let alone full price. The only thing good about it was the tea

- Maryann 06/29/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What an overall lovely experience! Server was attentive and informative. The food was great especially the to die for soup. The tea selection is unbelievable! It was a great Living Social deal. Only thing lacking was the scones were very small and no dessert. Howe ver, I do have a Queen Anne voucher that includes both full sized scones and full sized desserts. Hope I can eat all the food! We'll be back soon. Thank you Simpson House.

- Amy Trainer, Newtown, PA 06/14/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

One of the worst teas I've ever been to. Soup and salad were good but the tea sandwiches were lacking and we didn't get our normal 3 tiers with desserts being on the top tier. On our top tier was packaged butter, clotted cream, very pale lemon curd but the scone to put it on I would call a cookie. It was the worst scone I've ever tasted. An FYI if you are going to put out a living social coupon don't have an attitude when people use it. Won't be back.

- Janet 06/13/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What a great deal from Living Social for a Queen Ann Tea. Delicious food and plenty of it! Worth the price at full price. We'll be back!

- Sondra, Philadelphia 05/20/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What a lovely High Tea for Two we had! The soup and salad was very good; we had peach vinaigrette on the crisp salad and we had some kind of potato corn soup...delish! Our four level tower had very fresh tea sandwiches, little sugar scones with lemon butter, clotted cream and jam and the best lemon bread we've ever eaten. And the choices of tea was unbelievalbe. My friend had the Buttercream Easter egg and I had Peter Rabbit berries. We will definitely be back!

- Elizabeth 03/20/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I had made reservations.My husband and i came from maryland to this tea room for our anniverasry.The only disapointment i had was when i ordered a scone, i was told the the person before us took the last order, which was more than a few.This should not happen,if you have made a reservation,two should have been saved.

- I. smith 02/15/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Charm, great tea selection and good food. All a tearoom needs!

- Angela Slavinski, Norristown 01/26/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Food was great as was tea selection but the service was a bit slow. Granted it was busy but there was only two servers. Perhaps you should get some more.

- Mrs. Haggerty, West Chester 01/07/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Very nice place indeed. Tea selection is incredible. Be sure to call for reservations as they get booked quite often.

- Mary Alice, Pottstown, PA 01/07/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

What a great selection of Holiday teas! You must stop in and try some of them and the scones with homemade curd and cream!

- Erica, Malvern, PA 11/30/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Should be the number 1 Tearoom just based on teas alone. We had Halloween teas that were great. Can't wait for the Thanksgiving Teas.

- Janet O'Brion, Downingtown 10/30/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We had tea at this tearoom this weekend and used our Groupon deal. The place was absolutely packed and really jumping. It was almost too loud for a tearoom but what could they do with the place filled to the rafters! We started with the best Dutch Chicken Corn Soup I've ever tasted accompanied by a crisp mixed greens salad with plenty of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, red peppers and crisp cucumbers. We got a 3 plate carrier with delicious scones with some kind of cream, lemon curd, jam & butter and fresh tasty tea sandwiches. Then we had a dessert plate with peach crisp and crumb cake along with chocolates. We could hardly walk when finished!we will definitely be back. A great value even a full price. Keep up the good work Simpson Tea House. Even your waitresses were informative about the hundreds of tea even though they were extremly busy. Hard to do but they did it! Thank you.

- Phoebe, North Wales, PA 10/30/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

A very fine place indeed. Food was excellent, service good and amount of teas fabulous!

- Ann DiDonato, Norristown 10/09/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Really one of the best tea houses I've ever been to, my friend and I had a Royal Tea for Two and everything was perfect. The food, tea selection, and service were really exceptional.I was very impressed with the large selection of teas and the whole list of seasonal tea.Also the scones were delicious.

- LIz A 10/01/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The Simpson House Tea Room is the best tea room I have been to anywhere. The large selection of high quality delicious teas is impressive. All of the food is fresh and the incredible homemade scones taste like they come from a superior baker in London. The best part is that even with its best of the best flavor and tea selection the atmosphere manages to stay casual, warm, and welcoming. The servers are quick on their feet and pay attention to every detail to make sure their guests have an enjoyable tea room experience. I highly recommend Simpson House to tea room goers AND to the general public as well. This is a place you do NOT want to miss!

- Nicole Drumheller Gargus, MFA 09/26/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have never been to a tea house that had so many teas. I think they have over 100! It was great!

- Victoria, Honey Brook 09/25/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We had a Royal Tea for Two. Everything was good but the service was a bit slow, maybe because it was packed. I'll go during the week next time and maybe it will be less busy.

- Charlotte, Wayne, PA 09/25/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We went for High Tea. It was delicious especially the Fall teas. I had Caramel Apple and my daughter had Vanilla Hazelnut. Delicious!

- Toni Pilotti, Havertown 09/25/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Wonderful place for tea and sweets.

- Angie, West Chester 09/17/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Selection of Autumn teas, fresh tea sandwiches to die for along with tasty (not hard and dry) scones with homemade lemon curd, some kind of sweet cream and jam. What more could anyone want? We LOVED it.

- Sandy McQueen, Devon 09/17/12