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Tea 4 U, LLC

The White House in Oakhurst, 45 Monmouth Road | Oakhurst, NJ
732 483 4600 | Email | Website | Hours
Come visit our historic White House in Oakhurst for a tea with the presidents or first ladies. We offer a variety of tea programs and event (special themed teas, baby/bridal showers, birthday events for all ages). The regular teashop hours are listed; any other time by appointment and events. Just give us a call and we will be happy to meet you in the tea house.
Registration is required for afternoon teas and tea lunches. Email or call at least one day in advance. Light tea menu is available for walk-ins.
Looking forward to giving you a tour of our White House and a sip of our White House Cherry Tea.
Yours in Tea,
Kirsten Kristensen
Owner, Tea Coach & Certified Tea Specialist

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