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Tea and Teacups

18154 Imperial Highway | Yorba Linda, CA
714-572-9825 | Website | Hours
Tea and Teacups is a traditional English style tearoom serving Cornish pasties, finger sandwiches, savory quiches and creamy soups. The award winning scones [made from scratch] are served with preserves and whipped Devonshire cream. The desert menu includes many delectable choices created daily on the premises. The tea room and gift shop is located in Yorba Station, a block away from Old Town Yorba Linda.
The tea menu has been expanded to include over 100 loose leaf teas and sachets including teas imported from the world’s finest plantations. Black, oolong, green teas, rooibos and herbals [tisanes] are well represented. Several teas are blended with aromatic flowers, tasty fruits, spices and flavorings. Our favorite teas are available in convenient packages in the gift shop and upon request.
The tea experience provides an escape from the hectic live-style where the patrons are encouraged to sample different teas in an unhurried warm and cozy cottage setting. Children are able to enjoy the menu in smaller portions with several different theme parties for any occasion. For those young and old individuals who enjoy an opportunity to dress up, a wide hat selection of hats is available to wear. The Red Hat groups are warmly invited.

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I once worked at a Tea Parlor that unfortunately is no longer open. That was my first exposer to the Tea world. Needless to say I fell in love. I have visited several Tea Parlors in the past couple of months and I must say that Tea and Teacups is definitely at the top of my list!!! The owner is an amazing women and her staff is awesome. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and patient (we had a hard time picking which teas to start with). The food was great and the tea selection, although large, is amazing. We even created a new blend!!! If you have the time you should make a trip to Tea and Teacups!!!

- M. Griffin Feb 21st '15

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