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Tea by Julia Faye

The Stone Mansion, 4901 Springarden Dr | Baltimore, MD
(410) 367-8253 | Email | Website | Hours


This comes with great sadness that I have decided to move on to the next level of my retirement… TRAVEL!

Over the last 3 years, it was with so much pleasure in serving Tea to you and your guest. I will truly miss having you come and take High Tea at Tea by Julia Faye. Now, hundreds have walked through my door and voiced their opinions to us never to close the Tea Room… because they love Tea by Julia Faye. However, to help with my Tea customers, I am not totally going out of business… I will continue to provide offsite Tea Parties at your locations – the minimum is about 50 and maximum is about 100 guests.

The last day of operation for Tea by Julia Faye at the Tea Room will be August 30, 2013.

•This Tea Room business is for sell – if you are interested, please call (410) 963-8945

The Stone Mansion built in 1866! Two-and-a-half-stories high and capped with arched dormers and a cupola - this house was built of rough-hewn fieldstone in the Renaissance Revival style - it was called "Ruscombe," which according to family lore means "brown hill."

So... come and take tea with us! By Appointments. Tea catering: At your location - minimum 50 / maximum 200

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