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The Gilbertsville Tearoom

1259 East Philadelphia Avenue
Gilbertsville, PA
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of 170
in PA

Sun 11:00am - 3:00pm
Mon closed
Tue closed
Wed 11:00am - 3:00pm
Thu 11:00am - 3:00pm
Fri 11:00am - 3:00pm
Sat 11:00am - 3:00pm

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Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The Gilbertsville Tearoom has always served the best tea experience in the area. Everything is always fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is delightfull with all the thoughtfull tea-specific decorations. So warm and inviting! It's always my favorite place to go!

- Linda Koller 03/08/13

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We were terribly disappointed this time. We were at this tea room awhile ago on a busy day when a lovely kind young woman was dressed as a beautiful princess in a Renaissance style burgundy gown she and the whole tea room made it seemed like a magic place that day there was even a horse drawn carriage taking the princess and happy children for rides after tea. We also remember the quiche was quite good here and we were excited to come back. To our absolutely shock this time our daughters were not interested at all in the tea or the different young woman dressed in a costume. Worst of all the food and service fell from good to extremely poor. The server was downright rude! The lady who waited on us talked in a condescending fake tone of voice and served disgusting tiny salads that w... (more)

- Molly Fletcher 09/23/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

SO disappointed! I brought 3 special firends. There were only 2 varieties of iced tea. The scones were tiny and very hard. The soup portion was so tiny and tasted like a bland can of Campbells. The 'salad' was literally a tiny bit of lettuce with NOTHING else...NO choice of dressing just balsamic vinegar. The quiche was quite good and the desserts were delicious (ONE tiny bite of two choices) Even with my 'Groupon' which I paid $29.00 for, after tax and tip it ended up costing me $50.00!!! I would NEVER go back or recommned this place to anyone. Our server was very unfriendly and had visible tattoos everywhere. VERY disappointed:(

- Vicki 09/13/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

As previous reviews we used a Groupon, as avid Tea Room 'go-ers' we enjoy trying new locations! Gilbertsville has a very charming atmosphere,very 'girlie' and pleasant. We enjoyed our cups of tea and looking at the decorations. The food tasted fine, but the portions were EXTREMELY small!!! I never saw such a thing. But our server was very pleasant and personable. This Tea Room has a lot of potential. The things that a lacking can easily be improved for future customers

- Kirsty 08/23/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

My girlfriend and I each got a groupon to take our kids. I called to make a reservation and was told there was nothing available on weekends till Sept. When I explained we would not be able to come then and the offer expires on 9/15 I was told there was an opening on 8/19 so we booked two tables.

When we arrived we were shown to our tables and immediately told that there was a shower coming in and we would have to leave in an hour. Not off to a good start. We ordered and shortly thereafter our tea arrived. The tea selections were plentiful and the tea was very enjoyable. The scones arrived next with clotted cream and jam. There was one small (make that very small) scone for each of us. The flavor of the scone was good. We were then presented with the smallest saucer of ... (more)

- Tari Lawson 08/21/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

The food was sparse and the service lacking. Take your money and go elsewhere.

- Pat B 08/18/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

As soon as we walked in, we were told we only had 1 1/2 hours. The tea had no taste and we sent it back. Then we got more attitude. Scones were tiny and had no taste also. Few little lettuce pieces for a salad. Not worth the money.

- Pat 08/18/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

This groupon offer was not worth the money. We were rushed and nothing was top rate. This could hinder your business instead of help.

- Katie 08/17/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

We were a party of four using one groupon voucher and this was terrible. We were told we only had an hour to eat: scones were small and hard, tea was mediocre, tea sandwiches very small, soup and salads were small and not very good and the desserts were varied but the coconut cake was tasteless and the blondie was hard. This really was not a good tea experience and then add to that we were rushed and couldn't relax, talk and enjoy tea, I'll never go back.

- Jessica, Norristown 08/17/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

I have never been so insulted at a tearoom in my life. I had a groupon and took my friend and her granddaughter to tea and the first thing to greet us at the table was a sign that said we were limited to 60 minutes. I have been to many tearooms and have never been rushed. I thought tea was a relaxing and calming meal not a rushed affair. If I wanted that I'd go to a fast food establishment. The meal was not at all as represented on groupon...where were the cream cheese flowers and satisfying entree? Tea sandwiches were presented on a small plate, the desserts were miniscule and the soup & salad unsatisfying: soup was thin and tasteless; the salad was iceberg and carrots. I was embarrassed to say the least. Not good Gilbertsville.

- Kathryn, Chester County 08/16/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Never got here, they restricted Groupon to 7 days notice for reservations even though their fine print for Groupon was 48 hours. Then they put message on their voice mail that Groupon reservations were not even open till the following month. I got my money back from Groupon who said they had received many complaints similar to mine. Don't do a Groupon if you don't want people to use it!

- Thelma 08/11/12

Variety:     Artistry:     Service:     Food:

Food is ok, but service is poor. bothered by flies. Server just laid the plate in front of us w/o describing sandwiches. got upset because we misunderstood the groupon offer. would not recommend to a friend.

- MR 08/04/12