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The Grapevine

6284 Chester St | Arlington, TN
901-867-9292 | Website | Hours
Located in Arlington's Historic Depot Square, you can order from a menu rich in freshly prepared items. Our signature items include cheese tea biscuits and heavenly chicken salad or our special pimento cheese served on a croissant. The Mama's Pudding is a local favorite, but there are many homemade desserts to choose from. The new bakery has multiple treats and sweets to choose from....everthing from scones and muffins, cupcakes and cookies, to homemade candies! You can also pick up a homemade entree, side, dessert, or bread to go....Just pop in the oven and you have a homemade dinner in minutes! Let The Grapevine whisk you away to a time when life was a little slower, a little gentler, and some warm conversation was just the thing.

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This is the perfect place for a birthday tea party!

- Ashley Mar 21st '15

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