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Thompson House Inn

537 Terry Street | Longmont, CO
(303) 651-1121 | Email | Website | Hours

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Biggest disappointment in a Tea Room ever. This is a $20 per person (includes tax) high tea. What you are supposed to get for this is definately NOT what you receive. There were NO tea sandwiches. The three tiered serving tray was a graduated 4inch, 6inch and 8inch plates. This was for two adults. On the bottom was two plate there was 2 one by one and a half inch pieces of peach bread with a slathering of flavored butter. There were 4 tiny triangles of white bread, cracker thin, with a film of cream cheese and cucumber that was so thin you could see through it. One the second plate there was 1 cherry tomato, cut in half and filled with a pimento cheese from your grocers cooler. There were 2 dry, crumbly and thin pre-packaged, pre-frozen crumpets. On the top plate, there were 2 packaged 'c... (more)

- Kate C. Aug 16th '14

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