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Tyme For Tea and Co.

37501 Niles Boulevard | Fremont, CA
510-790-0944 | Email | Hours

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This is one of my favorite places to have afternoon tea. The tea room is a space in the middle of an antique shop which makes for a fun ambiance. There are hats and feather boas to dress up in. The pricing is fair and the quality of the food is very good, freshly made in the open kitchen off to one side of the tea seating area. Teas are loose-leaf, mostly flavored blends, but some unflavored, like English Breakfast. The service has always been excellent; in fact, the service here is superior to the service I've received multiple times at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose! It's a great place to go when you're in Niles visiting the antique shops, or the Silent Film Museum, or the Railroad Museum, or anything else in the area.

- Elizabeth May 2nd '14

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