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Tyme For Tea and Co.

37501 Niles Boulevard | Fremont, CA
510-790-0944 | Email | Hours

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I have been here twice with friends and we all find it quite charming. The service is very good, as is the food. Each person gets their own choice and pot of tea. The prices are very reasonable. This small town provides ample free public parking and there are several antique shops to browse near the restaurant. This is a pleasant experience and I look forward to going again.

- jeanine Aug 6th '16

Visited several times and came away unfortunately disappointed. Another customer asked fr more hot water for her teapot and theaters said there would be a charge. My chicken or tuna salad sandwich (could notice the difference) was huge filled with perhaps 1' of filling and made to hold in 2 hands(crusts not cut off). One of the 'specialty desserts was a store-bought cookie that supposedly was popular on an airline. In fact, it had its brand name stamped on it. Actually, the cookie was perhaps better than the rest of the food. The waitress came to my table (I was the only one in the teashop) without a menu and asked me, 'What do you want?' Err.. huh? I have been there several times hoping that my few experiences were flukes. Unfortunately, they were not.

- M Aug 4th '16

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