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Dream About Tea

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1011 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201, USA (847) 864-7464 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 12:00pm – 7:00pm Mon closed Tue 11:30am – 8:00pm Wed 11:30am – 8:00pm Thu 11:30am – 8:00pm Fri 11:30am – 8:00pm Sat 11:30am – 9:00pm
Dream About Tea was born as a vision to provide a unique cup of tea fitting for friends' gatherings, business appointments, or an individual who would like to meditate in a relaxing atmosphere filled with the oriental décor, music and tea ceremonies. Our philosophy is to “spread tea love” through our tea-brewing expertise and you, our valuable customers.<BR><BR> Dream About Tea is a single-unit medium-sized teahouse located in Evanston downtown, a campus city of Northwestern University. We sell a full line of traditional, specialty blend and herbal teas together with a vast variety of fine tea pots, cups and gifts. In the teahouse, our customers will share one thing alike, which is a feeling of being in the ambience of peace and tranquility far from the madding crowd and turmoil of the big city to enjoy healthy tea drinks, a different cultural experience, and teas of mind that you will never forget.<BR><BR> We know that brewing a cup of tasty tea needs three important things: good tea, quality water and expert brewing technique. Only when all of the three factors are present would a unique cup of tea become possible. In the teahouse, Pi-Water, highly purified, chi-added and magnetized water is invested for every cup of tea.<BR><BR>

Recent reviews

    • Steven McIntosh


      I stumbled upon this place while in the neighborhood and was actually intimidated by the selection of teas. Upon returning a few more times, I have come to really enjoy the owners - they REALLY love people who have some tea knowledge and love to talk about their selection. They have been very helpful in helping me find teas that I would enjoy and have always nailed the recommendation. It's almost always empty when I go in there (which is both nice and sad). If I lived closer, I would probably make a home away from home. My only concern over their teas is the storage (in large glass jars), but it is far away from the front of the store and considering their care with other things, I'm sure they know what they are doing. NOTE: I do not know if they offer food and I have not had them brew tea for me, but I cannot submit this review without marking those categories

    • Amy


      A very authentic tea shop. Friendly and helpful service. The teas are the freshest and best priced. I always feel good after visiting the place. Full of positive energy. Simply the coolest in town.

    • sofia


      This is the second time i visit this tearoom and not much has improved. The tea was served on a styrofoam cup and was scalding hot! the 'bubble tea' was badly blended, had no tea in it, and it had barely 5 tapioca balls....I am sorry to sound so petty but tea should be a prepared with care and dedication every time. If you don't have patience for tea choose another proffesion

    • T.Johnson


      This shop has by far the best selection of whole leaf teas I've found. Their specialties are Chinese teas: green, oolong and Pu-ehr. They have nice black teas and herbals also.They frequently have new things to try as the seasons change. The couple who run the shop ares very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They have recommended so many good teas to me.

    • Suzie


      Very cute place. Definitely recommended for good tea and quiet & cozy hang-out.

    • Paul Mui


      Having tea at this remarkable little tea shop does wonders for my stress; I find it a great way to start my weekend. The endless selection of different teas won't have you sipping the same cup of tea any time in the course of your lifetime! Staff are extremely knowledgeable on tea preparation and etiquette. Not only is the experience a treat to the taste buds but also to the body, mind, and soul....

    • Dasa


      Exciting-experienced-pleasant owners = exciting tea experience = the best selection of tea = the best exciting tea house in Chicagoland!

    • Mike O'D


      I came back from a trip to China addicted to good green tea. I tried several mail-order sources, with mediocre results. Before I found Dream About Tea I've never had top-quality green tea anywhere in the western hemisphere or Europe, let alone Chicago. The spring harvest Dragonwell alone is worth travelling for. There is a wide variety of infusions, but the farther one gets from Chinese, the weaker. E.g., I get better Yerba Mate by mail.

    • Joanne C.


      Two Comments: Great Service, Great Tea

    • A. Tam


      Think outside the coffee bean and enjoy this delightful tea cafe. Wide selection of teas and cozy setting make for a nice, relaxing experience- on your own or with a group of friends. Cheers.

    • Austin


      So many tea, so little time....and they are all very tasty and very hot! That makes me slow down my pace, relax and really enjoy with my friends. Need to revisit again to try what the staff had recommended for my friends and I.

    • Elsa Statzner


      I am a dedicated Chinese tea drinker and find this store outstanding. I always learn something new and now enjoy at home Chinese tea tasting with friends, which I learnt from the owners. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORE

    • Salome


      This is the best tea shop in the Chicago area. The owners who also staff the shop couldn't be warmer or more knowledgeable. I feel completely at home when I'm there. Customers can read on a cozy couch in the corner or enjoy pleasant conversation at the tea bar. The wide selection of high quality teas is great.

    • F Yang


      peaceful and friendly place. Large pu-erh tea selections. Best place in town.

    • Dp


      Good selection of Pu-erh. Can't find on the website. Fresh good quality teas. Atmosphere isn't perfect but the staff seemed knowlegable. Best in Evanston.

    • Matt


      This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Just take two steps into the cozy confines of this marvelous place and you'll feel your stresses melt away. The owners are some of the kindest people I have ever met.