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Zen Zoo

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13050 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA 310-576-0585 Website Owner?

While living and traveling throughout Asia, Zen Zoo founders J. Alfred Ritter and Linda Yu, discovered the teahouse. They found it was a place where they could relax in the midst of chaos, enjoy the company of others, and just belong. After returning to Los Angeles, Alfred and Linda searched for an environment similar to that found in the teahouses of Asia, but nothing could compare. Zen Zoo Tea sprang from a desire to recreate that harmonious environment for their friends here in America. With Zen Zoo Tea, Alfred and Linda captured the spirit of the traditional Asian teahouse, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere to soothe the spirit and sensational teas to nourish and delight the body. In 1998, Zen Zoo Tea opened in Brentwood serving a variety of tasty Asian dishes as well as the delicious Bubble Teas with Boba (Black Pearls) for which they have now become famous. At the time such teas were only available in Asian neighborhoods, making Zen Zoo Tea - a teahouse devoted to a modern Taiwan-style drink and traditional Asian food in a non-Asian market - a truly unique endeavor. Adding to Zen Zoo Tea's distinctiveness, Alfred and Linda developed their own recipes and created a tea drink concept patterned on East Asian Astrology. Today, they remain ahead of the curve by offering a range of drinks with premium tea blends and by using ingredients made exclusively for Zen Zoo Tea. They also offer a wide selection of tea-related merchandise and other unique products.

Recent reviews

    • Petra


      It's cozy and decorated nicely. I would prefer a Tea Specific cafe, but this will do. I don't like the mix of loos leaf tea, and a whole lunch/dinner menu. What ever happened to the idea of having a freshly brewed cup of loose leaf tea and just that. A time to reflect and be in peace with the ceremony of tea. Still looking for that type of place.

    • Jane


      I loved it! Great teas, especially on a hot day. The food is usually pretty good. It's a regular part of my day.