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1 Main St, Salisbury, CT 06068, USA 203-435-9758 Owner?

Sun 10:00am – 6:00pm Mon closed Tue 10:00am – 6:00pm Wed 10:00am – 6:00pm Thu 10:00am – 6:00pm Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Maria Maio


      Chaiwalla is by far the best place for breakfast lunch or brunch in the Berkshires..the French toast is the best I ever tasted, the cakes are moist and delicious the shoppers lunch is divine.. If you have not eaten here you are missing out!! try thr tomatoe pie, you wont believe your tastebuds!

    • Camille


      Chai’s is my one true food obsession. I last visited Chai’s over 5 years ago and still have dreams about it. The tease toast! The red bmw’s! and what is categorically the best thing to ever pass your lips or mine – the strawberry rhubarb cobbler. Mary the owner is as wonderful and sweet as the carrot cake. On my last visit I called ahead to ask her to make me a whole SRC to take home and she did. I know this sounds impossibly effusive but I would wager any amount that the real thing beats even your highest expectations.

    • Elizabeth Seideman


      The best tea & most charming ambiance of any tearoom I've visited. Enhanced by the charismatic personality of Mary the owner, chef and tea maker who indeed enhances the experience of tea drinking to new heights. Her menu is also fantastic, all together the best experience one could have in a tea room or charming restaurant. And I'm not even a tea drinker!

    • Ann W. Rhinelander


      While our daughter attended Hotchkiss, we were frequent, appreciative visitors to Chaiwalla. One penetratingly cold damp day; while attending a vet session with her pony up the road; we were without cash, at the moment; and almost without pride. Our appetite for the warm comfort of Chai was nearly tangible. Mary provided the real thing, with a smile and a hug--unforgettable, and a small example of the warmth, richness, and comfort of her teas, meals, and desserts. Always beautifully prepared and served with grace, as though from a friend to each patron.

    • D.M.


      Mary, the owner, is so knowledgable about tea and full of so many stories about how she gets hers, it's unsurprising the place is so good. It's like being a guest in her home to eat there. Just thinking of the desert table is enough to make me want to go back.

    • A J Durante1


      I was really looking forward to visiting this tearoom. The room was lovely and the tea was very good. However, the visit was largely marred by the unfriendly behavior of the owner. She was very friendly to the regulars but given my experience I am unlikely to become one.

    • Dad


      have a great summer, Liam. I supposed you love going swimming at the lake and riding your bike. Love, Dad

    • b.w.


      What a great tea room! Friendly atmposhere.. great chai... delicious tomato pie and the best homebaked desserts and cakes. It was worth the trip.

    • Chris Peterson


      Hi Liam! I hope school is going well and you're enjoying all the guests at Chaiwalla. Visit Enjoyed the chai tea. Love, Dad

    • Erin


      My favorite place!! I go every chance I get. Great tea selection. my favorite is the CHaiwalla tea - you must get a pot. The best food si the Scholar's dleight, shoppers delight, whiskey cake(!!!), and rhubarb crumble.

    • Sam


      Comfortable, homey, and yet refined. Excellent food. Wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. We stumbled in and were glad we did.

    • Ben


      Came here in the dead of winter, when all the roads were covered in snow and I could barely drive, with a car full of hungry ladies. We all left very satisfied. I dream daily of their oatmeal, and can't wait for another snowy day to head down.

    • J Mann


      The only thing wrong was that they didn't have decafinated tea. They didn't feel that was 'good tea', so they didn't have any. Some people cannot have caffeine for medical reason.

    • Catherine Galvin


      We have been to Chaiwalla twice. What a lovely place! We had the house tea this last time and we enjoyed every drop. My husband had the tomato pie, I had a strawberry-rhubarb crumble and my daughters had the devil's food cake and butter toast. Everything was delicious. I would also like to add that the staff was very kind to our two girls 4 and 18 months. It is so nice to find a place like Chaiwalla--child-friendly, but still sophisticated and soothing.