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Cretia's Tea Room

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215 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Duncanville, TX 75116, USA 972-298-9888 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Theresa


      I was visiting my sisters in TX (I live in FL) and five of us visited Cretia's Tea Room expecting to have a wonderful experience. My sister had wanted to vist for a while. I've visited many tea houses and thought this would be a fun experience. Unfortunately, it was very disappointing. This is not really a 'tea room' but a restuarant that advertises 'high tea'. While the price ($15) per person was expected, the service, food and overall experience was not. The half sandwiches served were not very tasty, the scones were hard and bland, they did not serve clotted cream or jam (a high tea staple) and the dessert (blueberry mousse) was awful. The tea selections were very limited and if you needed your teapot refilled, they just added hot water! Definitely a tea 'don't'. The room appeared dingy and outdated. The table was dirty and the overall feel, for the price, was very lacking. Sorry, but I can not not recommend this place.

    • Jeanette


      Definitely not a quaint little teahouse. The place lacks charm & character. They boast about being in business for years but have failed to invest any time or monet on this place. The decor is outdated a poor take on country charm. done up in fake flowers from the local thrift shop! the food is beyond tasteless and lacks any imagination in presentation. I'm sure they have the locals business but if you're looking for a good place to eat I suggest you keep on searching this place is not it! The place is screaming for help. Did not find anything whimsical here. I strongly advise Cretia's to regroup, rethink and get it together. It seems they lost their charm a decade ago from the looks of it the place is caught in a time warp! The boutique is a far scream from fashionable must be the same person that decorated the place what 20 years ago!! Is there even a Cretia?

    • Sharon


      Cretia's is great. I have never had an old or dry cake. Their cakes are always fresh. In addition, theier chicken salad is just simply delicious!

    • Sandi


      I have given a bridal shower and a baby shower at 2 different times. The cakes were delicious both times, and the service and food was awesome. Top notch.

    • Glynis


      Cretia's in Duncanville is an excellent tearoom. I have gone there for over 10 years and have found the service to be excellent each time. Their cakes are moist and beautifully decorated. My favorites are their chicken salad, spinach salad with raspberry dressing, and soup in a breadbowl. Take the time to try Cretia's and you won't be disappointed.

    • Savannah


      I love cretia's! It is the best family owned business that i have ever been to. They have awesome food, and desserts. and the best customer service that i have ever experienced!!! Everyone should try cretia's they are amazing!!!

    • Amanda


      Per the complaint below. I spoke with her on saturday the 28th. She stated that she just picked up her cake and did not like the way her cake looked. I told her that our store policy is if you don't like something at the time of pick up we will fix it. It was just after 12:00 and like she said she had just left. I told her if she could come back we would be more than happy to fix what she didn't like, I never said she could return it for a refund. She said that she couldn't due to the time. I spoke with my manager and she said that is the store policy and we would love to fix any problems to make her happy. When she placed this order she wanted praying hands on the cake, but wouldn't bring in a picture, which we require of any art deco so that we know what our customer wants and there is a art charge for this. For the cummion cake she got, with no art charge, is a very elegant ivory cross with rose buds in what ever color you want, which is great for the occassion. We have done hundreds of these cakes and have never had a compliant about it. As for the manager being TOO busy, she was taking care of other customers at that time and I offered to get the her phone number and have the manager call her back so she wouldn't have to sit on hold for a long time and she said NO. Also, for the cake being dry we make all our cakes fresh to order. I think, she is upset because she didn't take the time to find or drop off a praying hands picture for the cake and then she did not want to pay for the cake, but she wanted to keep the cake, she wanted something for nothing. We strive to make our customers happy. I hope you come and visit us in Duncanville I am sure you will be satisfied. we offer loose leaf teas in many flavors, we serve lunch, we have a bakery, a coffee bar and so much more. Cretia's in DUNCANVILLE

    • Jocelyn Estrada


      I purchased a $65.00 banana nut cake for my son's communion. I was extrememly disappointed. the cake was extrememly dry and old. the decoration on the front was very blah. I called to speak to a manager and the manager was TOO busy to talk to me and said for me just return the cake and get a refund. My son's communion was at 2pm and it was already past noon on the day of. There was no time for me to find another cake and I explained that and the manager said, well sorry can't help. I will NEVER return there again for thier overpriced days old cakes.. If there was a way to post a review on their website I would.. I was so disappointed.

    • Sonja Jones


      I love Cretia's tea room

    • Lisa


      Cretia's in Duncanville is wonderful. It is a place that makes you feel special.

    • Angela


      I was referred to this place and I was disappointed. The service was rude and nearly non-existing. The teas offered were items that I could purchase at a Walmart, and the food was okay but not exceptional. The tea room smelt of coffee and the tea room played news radio in the background. We felt rushed and our mental being was depressing due to the news radio broadcast. My daughter and I will not return. Still looking for a Great Tea Room here in Dallas...




    • Cindy


      Atmosphere is very feminine. Food good tasting and pleasant. Lots of people come in for bakery. The sweets are the best.