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Seattle's Best Tea

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506 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104, USA (206) 749-9855 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • J


      Very enjoyable place to visit. I stock up here every chance I get.

    • Johannes


      I've been buying teas from this store for many years, but I recently heard that they're no longer affiliated with the Ten Ren tea chain. They do have some good teas, but their prices are also quite high for the quality. Other retailers in town and online have better values. Like another reviewer mentioned, I've also been perturbed by the way they talk about competitors, as well as misinformation that they've perpetuated on several occassions.

    • BW


      This is a great shop where the staff and owners really know their teas. They freely taste and share and explain the origins. The focus is on tea and they specialize in Taiwanese teas. Their oolongs are varied and the ones I tasted are fantastic. They carry limited quantities of the better teas so you never know what you'll find. Go in there when you are not in a rush and ppreapre to learn a lot

    • Matthew


      The shop is not called Seattle's Best Tea, it is 'Seattle Best Tea'. It is a very Chinatown sort of shop, which is nice in its own way, but I am often offended at how they talk about the other tea shops in town. I don't think they are competitors, they all have different tea. This makes it difficult to enjoy a cup of tea here. The teas range from excellent (this season's surprising Da Yu Ling) to extremely poor (all of the Japanese teas and less expensive oolongs). Their focus seems to be on Taiwanese oolongs. The tea wares seem cheap and poorly made in general. More gaiwans and less sharing pitchers would make the tea preparation seem a bit more professional.

    • Michael


      While they don't actually serve food you can receive 'food' for your mind. Great Teas !! Informal atmosphere w/ a multicultural clientle, that enjoys tea and conversation. Lydia the Queen of the shop is wonderful

    • Elias Ross


      It's more of a tea shop than a 'sit comtemplatively and sip tea' tea house. I wouldn't recommend taking a date - especially one who isn't into tea - or expecting to be served food. But, you can get an excellent pot of tea made the proper way and enjoy it and talk with other tea-minded people. (It would help if you can speak Mandarin.) Admittedly, I'm a bit biased, since I've been buying teas there for many years and the shopkeeper dotes on me, but if you want exotic Chinese and Taiwan teas (the upper end being about $200 dollars per pound) this is the place. The loose leaf selection is mostly of Chinese and Taiwanese style teas. There's a few Japanese- and British-style teas as well, including some excellent green tea. They have some flavored teas and a kind of medicial tea called King's Tea which is mix of oolong and ginseng. Occasionally, they offer special high grades of tea you just can't buy in the U.S., because the store has a direct relationship with Tawian suppliers. The tea is graded and you can buy three grades of the same 'Oolong' for example. They do honestly smell and taste distinct, but I wouldn't say the more expensive tastes proportionally better than the cheaper. Ask for a sample before buying a large amount. There's also some tea making supplies, kettles, pots, tea bags, gift sets, etc. I like the clear glass pots and the tea tasting trays they use.