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21 W 9th St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA (785)856-6688 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 8:00pm Mon 10:00am – 9:00pm Tue 10:00am – 9:00pm Wed 10:00am – 9:00pm Thu 10:00am – 10:00pm Fri 10:00am – 10:00pm Sat 10:00am – 10:00pm

HOUSE OF CHá is dedicated to educate and enhance the awareness of tea. We aim to explore the variety of tea traditions associated with traditional tea drinking cultures. Whether the Chinese art of Gongfu tea or the Japanese tea ceremony. We strive to share the rejuvenating experience of sipping the finest possible cup of “tea” that carries with it an almost endless list of health benefits.

Our goal is to be your best source for “tea” online, guarantead!

Recent reviews

    • Trina Emler


      Probably my favorite place in Lawrence for bubble tea. We have several, but house of cha has delicious flavor options and thinks up great special flavors.

    • Rainbow Cheese


      Lovely little place! The bubble tea is yummy, although with some flavors I found the sweetness to be a bit overpowering. Nice change from the busy crowds of other tea/coffee places

    • M



      The owners fly to the East to bring back the best tea and you can tell. Extremely high quality tea, and you'll have to pay a little extra because of it.

      The shop is a bit small to really sit and enjoy, but it's always quiet and right off of Mass St.

    • G



      This is a lovely shop steps away from our lovely main street in Lawrence. It is a perfect place to stop and meet a friend or simply enjoy a moment to remember the good things.

    • W

      Whitney Taylor


      This is the best tea house I have found in the entire Western Hemisphere. I try tea pretty much everywhere I go, and I have yet to find a tea house with as good of quality and variety as you will find here. The only thing that I have had that is better was actually in Asia, but even then it's mighty close to the real thing.

    • B



      The House of Cha is my go-to shop for whatever mood I'm in. If I'm happy, I celebrate with tea. If I'm sad, I look to an experience there to cheer me up, and once, I was so sick that I'd lost my voice and they prepared the most wonderful hot tea to sooth my aching throat and disposition. The two owners, who also work in the shop daily, are of the utmost character.Fanny's personality is as beautiful and serene as her appearence. The food is nothing fancy, but it is soo good, and I've never been served a tea that did not completely envelope the senses. Writing this has made me realize what I'll be doing before work today!

    • K



      Always a fan of House of CHa since the beginning. It is a place to study and relax. I just like the atmosphere and the setting, and it is a place to expand my horizon in the tea world. I don't think this place is replaceable.

    • D

      Dave Greenbaum aka DoctorDave


      HOUSE OF CHá is a welcome oasis in a sea of caffeine crazed and hyper-active college kids. The atmosphere is cozy. You won't find a bunch of third-place office types working hear. No power connectors and sprawling desks. This is a place to sit, talk, and relax. The front window reminds me of a typical Zen rock garden: peaceful and calming.

      While I don't consider myself a tea expert, I do think the tea here is outstanding. A great variety of herbal and oolong teas. The presentation is the key: classy custom teapots along with a tray of rock sugar and honey. Tea here is meant to be sipped and enjoyed, not merely gulped down in a rush

      I'm not a big bubble tea fan, but I hear it's the best in town. I did try the red bean one and it was great. Reminded me of the sesame balls you get at Dim Sum.

      Gary Patterson is from the US, but spends extensive time in Taiwan, where his wife is from. He knows tea inside and out and will be glad to tell you.

      If you are lucky, he'll sit down and chat with you at the head table. If you are really lucky, he'll bring out his personal teapot and stash of prized teas.

      Highly recommend the place!

    • T



      This is one of my favorite places in Lawrence. Great people, great tea and food and a laid back atmosphere makes this place a great spot to hangout with friends

    • A



      House of Cha turned me into a tea snob. They taught me how to brew, smell, taste and select tea. They only brew whole leaf tea, mainly oolongs. Their bubble tea spoiled me for life and I will never find a comparable preparation anywhere else. Try 'salted plum' for a indulgent experience.

    • S



      I stopped by HOUSE OF CHa while shopping on Mass. I found it to have a inviting, tranquil environment and the tea was fantastic. I highly recommend the HOUSE OF CHa

    • M

      Mr. Tanaka


      The best tea from Taiwan and Japan. A little treasure in Lawrence, KS.

    • D



      The best tea house in the Midwest. They know their Bubble Tea.