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8155 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126, USA 858-695-8897 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Patty


      There are delicious cold and hot teas served here... in a variety of flavors!! You can choose to get them with or without Boba balls in them (I recomend with). They also have juices, slushies, and milk teas that you can get with or without Boba. The atmosphere is very young and laid back. It's a great place to hang out. They also serve foods like hot wings, cheese sticks, etc. Overall, a great place to hang out.

    • Jess


      I love their food, drinks and pretty much everything. A great place to have fun and hang out. :)

    • Alisse


      I really like the changes made throughout the last year. The service and all around feel of the place is great. I only wish they had takeout menus and energy boost shots.

    • Allen


      WOW....this place rocks! The drink was the best I've had, and the service was awsome. Can't wait to show my cousin this place.

    • mom


      I went for the first time with my 5 year old on Sunday the 7th of January at around 3 p.m. The teenager behind the counter was very busy looking at pictures with a friend and was the rudest person. She must be the daughter of the owner or she wouldn't have a job. The smoothie was amazing but I won't be going back unless she isn't behind the counter.

    • barefoot_gal


      I have only had the milk tea here but I've had it over a dozen times and loved it each time. The tea is a little bit sweet, however, what I like the most are the tapioca balls. They are always soft, unlike the hard ones I find at other places, and they are really tasty. At most places the tapioca is absolutely tasteless. I still return here for the milk tea.

    • Maylen


      Oh. My. Gawd. I didn't think a boba drink could taste this badly. I mean, I've had my fair share of poor boba drinks, but this place really takes the cake. I ordered a honeydew milk tea boba and got a neon-green drink that had maybe 1% tea (if lucky) and 99% water and overly sweet syrup/flavoring. The tapioca pearls didn't taste fresh at all. That was a waste of money and it will probably be a waste of yours as well, so don't bother going here!

    • Shane W.


      Holy Cow. This place is DISGUSTING. First of all, the stupid b!tch behind the counter was way more rude that her junior-high education should allow. In between I have had many boba in my day - some some sweet, some tart, but never a boba that was so digusting that I was physically repelled. I was only able to finish half of it before I had to run outside and puke into the gutter. It was beyond foul. To say that it tasted like mold covered feces would be a compliment.