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Sorrento Hotell, The Fireside Room

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900 Madison St, Seattle, WA 98104, USA (206) 622-6400 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Deena


      A quiet traditional atmosphere complete with leather banquettes and on occasion a crackling fire. Dim,cosy and intimate. There is a wide selection of teas. Food selection was the customary scone,cookies, cucumber, chicken, egg and salmon sandwiches.Somewhat limp and wizened. As I recall the per person fee was somewhere between $30 and $35 dollars. I expected better for the money. Our server was somewhat snarky, I am always taken aback by service people who act as though they are doing you a favor to wait on you.Especially since I have worked in this capacity and go out of my way to be considedrate of my server. The hostess was kind enough to warn us that making a reservation for 4 o'clock tea was inadvisable, that is when Happy Hour starts and the booze drinkers agressively hover to get tables from the tea drinkers. My overall reccommendation, enjoy the beautiful lounge with glass of wine, tea service not worth the expense.

    • tea drinker


      One of the few places in town to have a fancy tea, and a lovely setting, particularly during the holidays. It may be worth the $40 a head for some, but be prepared for mediocre food and inept service

    • Sonja


      I take my mom for high tea several times a year and we've tried most of the tea rooms in the greater Seattle area. Of them all, this was the worst! Limited selection of teas and average food all of which is forgivable I suppose, but I have rarely experienced such poor service. This from a hotel who's reputation is suppose to be of the 'grand tradition' was very dissapointing. I was actully embarrased to have taken my mother there. For the price people, bag the Sorrento and go to the Four Seasons!

    • highteagirl23


      Going to the Sorrento for tea was a treat. It was my first time taking tea (besides the herbal concoctions i brew at home) and it was wonderful. The scones are to die for.They were just taking them out of the oven when we arrived and as we were seated the aroma was delicious.The only down side i can think of is that it is a little dark in there. And also when we went there a second time they did not have the tea i liked so much.

    • SEDM


      We switched to the Sorrento for Holiday Tea after the Fairmont jacked up prices at the Olympic. The decor and atmosphere are fabulous. The tea selection was reasonable (black, green, herbals & scenteds) and the tea snacks were also reasonable: the usual sandwiches/scones/sweets. Nothing notably good or bad though the sweets were all cookie variations made from the same basic plain dough, which was a little dull.