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Teavolve Cafe & Lounge

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1401 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231, USA 410-522-1907 Website Suggest Changes

And You Thought We Just Did Tea?!

Teavolve Cafe & Lounge is not only a teahouse, we are an oasis in the city where our guests can enjoy not only gourmet loose leaf tea but organic, coffee, house made tea infused drinks and a full menu of food along with specialty cocktails to fit the mood and time of the day!

We created a place where patrons feel welcome, comfortable and return time and time again to work on their laptops with one of our creative house made beverages, meet with friends in our lounge to share appetizers & a bottle of wine or listen to one of area's hottest DJ's while enjoying a tea infused martini!

So stop by to drink, eat, hang out, escape from the world at large and take the time to really enjoy life!

Afternoon Tea is available on Saturday & Sunday By Reservation Only.

Free Wireless Internet Access Is Also Available!

Now Serving Saturday & Sunday Brunch 9am-3pm

Complete with Teavolve Brunch Cocktail Specials!

Recent reviews

    • H

      H. Nelson


      Teavolve serves a wide variety of whole-leaf teas (including black, green, white, oolong, and more) in a modern atmosphere. They also serve cocktails and delicious gourmet food including pastries, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. See the website for accurate hours.

    • L



      I called for directions and the person who answered was very friendly and helpful. When I arrived someone greeted me and gave me menus to look at. Shortly after, a server named Megan came over with a huge smile and asked me if I was ready to order or if I had questions about the menu. There was a large variety of tea and food items. I was ready and when I ordered my tea she asked if I cared for milk, cream, skim etc. I also ordered a scone and she asked if I wanted it warm. She was very helpful and attentive. The pot of tea arrived with the loose tea leaves in a strainer inside the pot, my milk, a dish for the strainer, and scone. She also offered to get me more hot water if I needed it. I was very impressed with the tea, scone, atmosphere, and service of this place. I spoke with the owner and she was very warm and friendly. I will absolutely return to the place, and encourage everyone to try it out.

    • S

      Shai W.


      The atmosphere is laid back and contemporary. Great vibe. The food was well seasoned and would have received a ranking of excellent if only it had been hot. We even sent it back and it was still lukewarm but very flavorful. The service left a bit to be desired. We had a 6:00 reservation. The restaurant wasn't ready (menus weren't printed, no waiters assigned) and we still had to inquire about seating. After being seated it took 15 minutes to get a menu and we had to request staples like water. Then when we received our long awaited meal, as stated, it wasn't hot. All in all the band was excellent and great selection of teas. They need to work on service management.

    • E



      I have been to Teavolve twice, and both times my experience was horrendous. The first time, I walked in on their third day to order a simple cup of coffee. I waited almost five minutes for someone to acknowledge me, then another 8 for them to make the coffee. It was cold and bitter... I had to throw it away. The second time, I waited about 15 minutes. There was a lady in the kitchen cracking eggs, who turned around twice to say 'someone will be with you in a moment'... It was infuriating to be ignored like that, so I just walked out. There are tons awesome places in Fells Point. I would not waste my time on this place. Go to Liquid Earth instead. Its right down the street and the service is much better.

    • G



      This modern teahouse I would have to say is my favorite by far. I do an extensive amount of traveling and seek out teahouses instead of coffee houses to relax and get work done. Teavolve allows me to enjoy my favorite beverage in a loose leaf form opposed to awful teabags.

      I can work on my laptop, talk tea with the wonderful and friendly owners or quietly enjoy my pot of tea while dining on their delicious desserts.

      The tea menu is pretty extensive, boasting 65+ loose leaf teas you can have iced, hot or in a two ounce bag to take home. It also contains fun tea facts.

      When I'm in Baltimore, I always plan time to spend with owners Del and Sunni and enjoy a pot of tea.

    • A



      This is a nice place to sit and have lunch, Though it did not quit fit my needs! The place is a bit too modern for my taste. My best friend, our mothers, and I are looking for more old fashion tea service. I liked the fact that artist come in and perform, I liked the art on the walls and the atmospere's feeling; but as I said... we were unpleased becasue we kind of felt out of place so to speak. the service was very mediocre, they did not engage in much coversation, and didn't really greet us with really bright smiles.we were disappointed because the tea cups did not have handles,our finger tips got burned a little. We would of liked to have the good old fashion sugar cubes instead of sugar packets, and the tea pots were small compared to what we were used to, plus with the afternoon tea service you only get one choice/ one pot. which is different. The food didn't really seem too home made, but it was good; the scones were awesome. The tea choices were delightful, (peppermint patty tea, has a touch of chocolate, was the best tea ever). Other than those few flaws it is a wonderfulplace to relax. Please don't allow my opinion to discourage anyone because it is a wonderful place. it is jus not your average tea house!!!

    • T



      With a more contemporary attitude and decor than most other tea rooms I've visited, Teavolve is a wonderful change of pace. The atmosphere, as mentioned, is very serene, much like the proprietress herself. She also makes wonderful recommendations if you're not sure which of the many pages of offerings to choose.

      My own recommendation is to get there close to opening time while it's still fairly quiet, because this shop seems to be becoming *very* popular. This popularity is well deserved, as both the teas and the food are delicious.

      (I've yet to visit Teavolve for any of their Friday night spoken word events, but those sound like fun!)

    • L



      Housed in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore, this calm and contemporary tearoom offers a menu of high quality teas featuring popular black teas such as Earl Grey and English breakfast, oolong teas and varieties of chai. The owners were knowledgable, friendly and relaxed. We will certainly return in the future to sample food items from the menu and have afternoon tea.

    • T



      I have been to tearooms all over America and Europe and can truly say that Teavolve is right up there in almost every category. The tea is whole-leaf, good quality and well brewed. The selection is limited, but I know that the owners will soon be expending their menu. The food is fresh and very tasty. And the desserts... I especially love the sweet potato tart and the rustic fruit tart. The owners are friendly and the service is good in a very hands-off, we're-there-when-you-need-us kind of way. The atmosphere is very comfortable and fashionable at the same time... a hard balance to achieve. Oh, and they have wireless internet for those afternoon teas alone (or for business meetings).

      I look forward to the opening of the second branch...

      all the best, Tony

    • R

      Robert Miller


      Five Star All the way

    • B



      This is such a nice place to sit and chat with friends while enjoying your choice of tea from an extensive list. It’s also a nice place to relax with a cup of tea by yourself while reading a book or using your laptop or chatting with the owner. The owner has a welcoming smile for everyone who comes in the door and seems to genuinely enjoy her customers. The tea list is long and teas can be ordered hot or cold. Loose tea can also be purchased by the ounce. Teavolve (formerly Tea-ology) also has a nice selection of salads and sandwiches and some desserts. The décor is modern but tastefully subdued and warm. The whole shop is impeccably clean, from the front counter, to the tables and floor, and including the bathrooms. This tea lounge deserves to be successful!

    • J

      J. Phillips


      If only it were possible to give a higher score than 5 for 'service quality and cheer'. On my first visit Sunni and Dell greeted me like an old friend. Tea-ology was just what I needed on a blustery night at the end of a long week. Sunni not only gave me a complimentary slice of cheesecake, she blended a special cup of rooibos with violets (also on the house) to take home when I mentioned that my wife was a bit under the weather.

      A great atmosphere, free wifi, excellent selection, and wonderful people. What a great addition to Fell's Point!

    • Z



      A very cool tea house. I have enjoyed tea in Paris, Spain, London and Italy to name a few. Tea-ology's teahouse is fabulous! We came in a group range from 2 to 46 years old and everyone was welcomed and enjoyed every sip, bite and minute of our tea experience. (and I am not easily 'tea pleased'). Can't wait to visit again.

    • D



      I went there yesterday. Large selection without being too overwelming. The owners know their tea very well. Also serve cheesecake, but they keep the focus on tea. The place is beautiful, and they also have wifi. I came in from the cold snow to warm up to a nice tea. I didn't know what I wanted at first but they helped me find some teas I liked. They were great teas! The people who own the store are right there, and we talked about a lot of different things while I drank my tea. It was like conversing with friends. Other people came in while I was there, and they seemed to know them on a first-name basis. I am definetly going to go there again. They also ship their teas out. Please patronize them, I would love to see this fairly new business stay alive.