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Her Majesty's English Tea Room

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211 N 2nd St, Dunlap, IL 61525, USA 309-243-8322 Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Melissa


      I am sad to say this, but the ONLY reason to visit Her Majesty's in Dunlap is the beautiful shop that offers an unparalleled number of tea pots and teas and plates and accessories. I was so excited to see that the Peoria area had a place for afternoon tea and immediately booked a reservation. The experience however, was not a positive one. They do not give you a choice of teas, instead serving everyone the same combination of floral, fruity teas they decided would be appropriate. Then the food comes and I can honestly report they served a ritz cracker with a tiny bit of roast beef on it, another cracker that looked very similar to a wheat thin with some cream cheese on it, and a bowl of thin sesame snack sticks you would get at a bar. There were other items too, but I think those set the stage for what you will receive. Perhaps the owners do not know what to serve at an afternoon tea, in which case I suggest they visit a few of the better tea houses like the one in Frankfort, IL or around Chicago. They have a great location, a cute space, and a population of people waiting to try afternoon tea...but until they make significant changes I would do nothing but go there to shop.

    • Linda S.


      If you want to step into a place that will take you away from the cares of the world, and tickle your fancy, Fairchild's is the place to come. The food and teas are delicious, and the owners/servers are so gracious and knowledgable about all things British and tea. You will be transformed.

    • Kris


      I have enjoyed tea/lunch here several times and it always met my expectations and those who accompanied me. It has a feeling of England, the staff (owners and waitress) are friendly, share tidbits about England, and are very accommodating. A lovely, cozy place!

    • Nancy B.


      A quaint place but some foods seemed old and candy outdated.

    • Barbara


      The most amazing tea room; decor is the best; the gift shop is wonderful with an actual English taxi inside where tea is also served.

    • Katrina


      This was nothing like what I had invisioned. It is relaxed & fun, the tea & food were excellent, the service & atmosphere unsurpassed. It is a wonderful place for a little girl's birthday, they made her feel like a true princess.

    • Ann


      The place is just amazing to look at with a nice high tea. You're treated like a QUEEN and actually given a tiara to wear while dining. Food is good and the teas are wonderful!

    • Diana Gale


      The atmosphere is so relaxing, I just wanted to stay for a long time! I'm just sorry I live so far away that I'm unable to visit more often. The retail shop is a total delight, and an inspiring addition to the high tea experience. Every nook and cranny has a new feast for the eye. . .

    • Doreen


      What a charming place to have tea!! The decor is simply beautiful, especially the chandelier. I just loved the bone china used for the tea service! Of course the food was also wonderful and the proprietors very gracious!

    • Claire B.


      This is truly an EXPERIENCE-type of tea room. The ambience is amazing...perfect for making someone (or even yourself) feel special and pampered. What a fun time!

    • Teara


      We just celebrated my sister's 13th birthday here. They really do a nice job. I loved how everyone gets to wear a replica crown of the different Queen's and Princesses. Everyone had a great time and the food and teas were wonderful! I think this is a great place for people of all ages, although they do not serve childern under age 5. I also thought the cost was very reasonable. We will definatley go there again.

    • Denise Novak


      I took my Mother and her cousin to tea one afternoon. We had a lovely time. All diners get to wear crowns and they have a fabulous shop to wander around in after you have tea.

    • Jackie


      My daughter and I have been to Her Majesty's Tea Room several times. It is a cute and cozy place. Good food and tea with very friendly service. After tea you can look around the wonderful little shop.