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The London Tea Room

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3128 Morganford Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116, USA 314-241-6226 Website Suggest Changes

Recent reviews

    • DK

      Danny Kim


      This place is awesome! Their tea is delicious (love their Naughty Vicar) and so are their quiches! Really relaxing to bring a book or a laptop and sip some good stuff.

    • CL

      Christian Lynch


      We love this place and are so glad we discovered it on a trip to St. Louis to visit family. We went in for scones and tea and returned for the full afternoon tea experience. It was a much better value than other afternoon teas we have tried in London and elsewhere, and every bit as good and authentic.

    • AR

      Ann Rushing


      A wonderful tea shop with a large selection of teas and treats. I love the Bedford green tea. Their afternoon is also a wonderful chance to dress up and drink tea.

    • Andrew Woods


      I love the London Tea Room. Their House Teas are excellent and the prices reasonable. I really enjoy their Earl Grey and the London Tea Room Black Tea Blend. Every time I'm in St. Louis, I make a point to drop by.

    • A



      Firstly, this is the wrong address for The London Tea Room. They are now at 3128 Morganford in Tower Grove South near the park. Since they moved they have changed their menu and now serve a basic lunch consisting of their fabulous quiche, always their tomato cream soup, sausage rolls, cornish pasties and savory croissants. They now have a large room behind the cafe where they serve their traditional Afternoon teas. I think the location is much better than their Downtown place, it has a great atmosphere and its lovely just to sit there and enjoy one of their looseleaf teas (there are many to choose from) - my favorite is Coconut Oolong but I have yet to experience most of them. They also have a retail section with some lovely teapots and general teaware, and of course you can buy all of the teas they carry which they tell me is nearly 100 varieties. Definitely a different experience than most cafes and if you are a lover of tea, or want to be, this is the best place around.

    • L

      Lauren Silver


      The food is fantastic and all of the teas delicious

    • G

      gena Twitter @genaInGeneral


      This is an amazing tea room. It's a walk in, sit down, and be prepared to have a wonderul experience kind of place. From the many teas to the scones to the sandwiches, you can't go wrong here. We found this place a couple of years ago upon moving here. We are 'drinking' our way through the tea menu because there is so much variety we try to broaden our palette on each trip, though we have definitely found our favorites. And some of it is strictly British, such as the Naughty Vicar concoction to the Fifth of November (be prepared for the campfired 'taste). Those are just a sample of black teas. They also have plenty of green, white, rooiboos, and herbal teas. The coffee is excellent as well. If you like your tea ices, that's available, too. There is more than just scones; the grilled cheese is uniquely British too with carmelized onions instead of the American slice of tomato or pickles.The place has just enough London decor to transport you and they own the English furniture store right next door for a browse after tea. The place is London casual, though you may make a reservation for the Afternoon Tea, with a dressier tea set, more formal setting, complete with tea sandwiches of salmon or cucumber (or both), scones, and a dessert. You select the tea. They also take reservations for popular holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day (reserve early). The staff knows their tea and are very friendly. The decor has just the right London touch. And there are some small tea associated gifts, as well as British cadbury candy at Christmas time, available for purchase. And if you don't get enough tea while there, you may take some loose leaf to go; they sell it in 1/8 pound and up. The locale is great in downtown St. Louis. You can go to Left Bank Books afterwards or other shops on Washington and Locust, including Macy's. Or take a ride up on the tram in The Arch. Don't miss this wonderful tea experience.

    • E



      London Tea Room is a wonderful experience! Food, beverages, scones - mmmmmm! Fabulous! This Tea Room is very unique with a lovely British flair. You'll love it!

    • J



      This is just what St. Louis has been looking for. A cool, European style cafe that serves an amazing variety of great quality tea, not to mention some of the best coffee I have ever had before. So far, I have only been able to sample the British style scones (served with jam and clotted cream no less!) and some of the English shortbread but both were delicious and I look forward to sampling some of the other yummy looking pastries. The sandwiches are delicious as well. My favorite is the turkey bacon panini but if you are a vegetarian, they have a really good veggie sandwich. I heartily recommend this place to all.

    • A



      Most wonderful little place. Not only was the food crazy good, the staff was outstanding (and pretty darn handsom as well!). I could really snuggle in here and make a home-away-from-home.

    • A



      I've been twice in the past week - despite the fact that this place is not super convenient for me. The food - excellent! Definitely go for the Summer Veggie sandwich. I also liked the Cream Tea - but you have to be pretty into Allison's scones (which are excellent and huge) in order to eat TWO! In the course of my visits, I've tried the currant, chocolate chip, and almond scones. All great. A nice tea selection and a pleasantly British and irreverent atmosphere. DEFINITELY miles away from the typical stuffy 'ladies tea country kitchen' locales around St. Louis. GO! Seriously. (There's also a nice little selection of Brit imports and a fab furniture store attached.) This review is meant to drum up a bit of business - as I forgot to leave a tip during my last visit and I feel guilty. I'm not worried, as I'll definitely be back (maybe this week).