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Cafe Latte

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850 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, USA 612-224-5687 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Lynn Coffey


      My mother visited us recently and wanted to take my daughter and me to tea. My daughter who is 4 thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of her herbal cherry tea and the variety of sweets and the delicious tomato cucumber cream cheese sandwich. My mother and I thoroughly enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and first experience of taking tea with my daughter. It was an informal experience but perfect for my daughter to appreciate the concept of a tea party.

    • JG


      I have often been for a fun, inexpensive ($10) time with friends. You get a pot of tea of your choice with unlimited refills, a delicious sonoma basil sandwich (4 quarters), a choice of dessert, scone & spreads, shortbread cookies & chocolate. It is less formal, but can be very special.

    • M.H.


      My husband and I went and found it overall...average. After ordering our tea at the counter (cafeteria style...ugh). A server brings each person their own tea pot and tea 'plate' of consisitng of: small sandwich, chocolate, sweets, 2 scones and variety of toppings, this is not what I would term afternoon tea. It's more of a dessert tray, with tea; that is overly laden with sweets and little substance of food. Tea pot is a one time deal, without refills and cools quickly without a tea cozy or warming surface.

    • Dana


      This is a good place to go for an informal tea. You order at the counter and bring your food to the table to sit and eat. It's a ton of food for the price (about $10) and the food is very good. It's a more contempory feel- like that of a coffee house, so it's not the place to go for a girls' hats and gloves tea, but it's a tasty treat and well worth the trip.

    • ela


      Excellent sandwiches and sweets!!! Nice place to go, not expensive, self serve...