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204 N 4th Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA 734-622-0460 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 4:00pm Mon 10:00am – 7:00pm Tue 10:00am – 7:00pm Wed 10:00am – 7:00pm Thu 10:00am – 7:00pm Fri 10:00am – 7:00pm Sat 10:00am – 7:00pm

Recent reviews

    • JU

      Jan Underwood


      This is the best local tea shop! The baked goods are exceptional!

    • Maggie Jones


      This is a WONDERFUL little spot. Their macarons are fantastic, the tea is delicious, and it's reasonably priced!!

    • AP

      Angela Pace


      Oh, my goodness. 13 of my classmates and I spent hours there today. Of annual teas since 2005, this was the best!!!! We have gone to several venues across the state, but this one is definitely stellar! Good food, good tea, good price, good people. Period.

    • Evan Harris


      One of my favorite places in the nation to get tea, great food as well, and if you want something else it's just around the corner from Zingerman's

    • E



      I love this place ! So do my daughters , my friends, and my relatives . This is a meeting place for us from different areas of Michigan . Never disappointed. Delicious food and tea !! English quickies are the BEST! Makes our day to have lunch there .

    • IR

      im Rasmussen


      For the greatest variety of unique teas, this is the place. The people who run the place are knowledgeable and make great suggestions. Their suggestions can be relied upon. It’s a really friendly place. Don’t forget to get your card punched...for free tea later. It’s one of the few places that carries stevia. The scones are moist and tasty, unlike most scones. The macroon flavors change often and are really unique . They can be paired with many teas. Enjoy the special events and being a part of the Ann Arbor community.

    • J

      Jessica M.


      I love this place! TeaHaus is actually two shops combined. On one side I'd the cafe with a lovely assortment of nibbles. Amazing macaroons, and my personal favorites, the quickie English (which comes with an assortment of finger sandwiches, I reccomend the fig, a scone with in house made clotted cream and assortment of jams, and a dessert, either a macaroon or a petit four. All for an incredible reaonsable price of $10l and the scones plate, which includes two scones, clotted cream and an assortment of fruit spreads.

      On the other side is the tea shop, with a extremely wide variety of loose leaf teas. Everything from English breakfast to gunpowder green with everything in between! And the staff really knows their stuff. Theya re wonderfully helpful when making a choice among the tins. Loose leaf tea is available for purchase, along with a variety of tea accessories. And of course brewed tea is available as well. You may choose a small (perfect for one. I usually get two or three cups out of it) or large pot if you are in the mood to sit a while and maybe peruse one of the lovely coffee table books in the cafe. If you are in a hurry, you can snag a cup and be on your way.

      Personally, I've found only two downsides to TeaHous. First, their hours are a bit inconsistent and erratic. There are specific hours that food is available, and they don't align with the hours of operation. I find this confusing and have been disappointed (and hungry!) A few times. The other peevish thing is that you have to order your tea separate from your food. So you have to order food in the cafe, the scoot over to the shop to order tea. A minor inconvenience true, but an inconvenience all the same.

      The atmosphere is perfect in my opinion. Not stuffy, but you can still get a taste of formality if that is what you are looking for. Comfortable and clean. A sort of peaceful oasis in the bustle of downtown. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area!

    • M



      An excellent choice of loose leaf tea is available at this tea room downtown. They have a catalog of all their teas available for your perusing which spells out the ingredients in the various blends. It's an urban look but a very comfortable feeling shop and friendly staff.

      The food options are small, but wonderful, presented in a more modern fashion. Tea is steeped at the appropriate temperature for each leaf type which I've found to be a tricky thing to find at other tea rooms.

      Do yourself a favor and spend an hour here - you won't regret it!

    • R

      r, reed


      My mother, two small sons and I recently enjoyed this tearoom. There is a tremendous choice of loose leaf tea. The staff is very friendly and the food is excellent. It has an urban upscale look but very calm relaxing atmosphere.

    • S



      Old friends make a new one.

      Myself and four friends discovered the TeaHaus in Ann Arbor this Saturday. Since we don't live near each other, we like to find time for 'Tea with the Girls' at least every other month.

      We found the listing, right here on TeaMap. Called and made a reservation. Even had to call and confess to running late. The owner, Lisa, is wonderful and truly enjoyable. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The tea room is inviting, cozy, yet crisp. The service is like your neighborhood coffee shop but with really friendly and helpful people. All but one of the tables were full while we were there - glad we made a reservation.

      While there we discovered 'Dukkah', an Egyptian spice and nut combination served with olive oil, crusty bread, and an assortment of dried fruit or olives and cheese. YUM!!! We also had the Quickie English Tea: finger sandwiches, scones, and dessert - all were very tasty (she makes her own lemon curd - heavenly). We tried and loved everything on the menu. We were too full to try the big lunch sandwiches.

      The TeaHaus also has a large selection of loose tea. I found 5 different varieties to bring home. I'm more of a tradional black or green tea lover but my friend found alot of fabulous fruit teas that she plans to make ice tea with. I love how the store is seperate from the tea room. We never knew how busy the store was until we left the tea room.

      I drove two hours to get there. Well worth the drive. The TeaHaus had been added to the 'Fabulous, wonderful, MUST GO HERE' list.

      Side note: The mom in our group thought it was really lovely that they had a changing table in the bathroom and a extra natural diaper, in case of emergency.

    • J



      We visited this tearoom on Sunday after a visit to the Hands On Museum, so I was with my family. Not only were we all welcomed, but there's even a sitting area with Miss Spider's Tea Party books for the kids to read!

      The tea selection is phenomenal and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Oh, and patient! It's hard finding what you like with kids calling for your attention.

      You can choose to have any of their teas prepared hot or cold to go or to stay. The tearoom consists of two small retail spaces connected together. In one half, there is literally a wall of teas and a smaller selection of teapots, tea cups and various other tea accessories. In the other half, there are tables and chairs for sitting and working or chatting, or, during the week and on Saturdays, having a light bite to eat. It's very clean and very welcoming. I'd highly recommend it!

    • S



      Great tea house. The place was packed when we were there but the staff did a great job taking care of everyone. Great selection and mix of teas.

    • L



      On Sunday, my friend of 55 years and I went to the High Tea. The service, excellent food, quiet atmosphere and attention to detail allowed us to have 2 hours to stop and enjoy each others company. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon

    • C



      I just went to the TeaHaus Afternoon tea held next door at Cake Nouveau. OMG! I was blown away by the food AND the tea! I will go back every month and bring friends!

    • J



      All I can say is AMAZING! I can't wait until Feb 22nd for their Afternoon English Tea!

    • J



      The staff here is awesome. They can answer any question you may have about tea. You will leave with great tea and a smile.

      The tea selection is amazing and the quality is superb. I just wish I lived closer. I'd go every weekend!

    • K



      The staff have a very quirky sense of humor, which is great! More importantly, they really know their tea! The best kept secrets are the tasty treats that are occasionally brought in...yum!

    • L



      I have been to this store several times and I have to say that I love the tea but not the owner and her employees. They ask if you are a tea drinker and then proceed to talk down to you as if you know nothing about tea. The owner is full of nervous energy and often says awkward things. I'm not sure if the place is struggling but she often refers to things as if it is. They have 50g size bags that can be purchased. They are a perfect way to try different teas there are 20-40 cups of tea in the bag. the owner acts as if she doesn't want to sell these teas because her supplier doesn't. All my favorite teas were first had by samples. the shop is cute, warm and inviting. Hopefully, the owner and employees will get better too.

    • T

      Tea lover


      I just visted the TeaHaus and enjoyed my self greatly. They have a wonderful selection of tea and the staff is kind and helpful. The only thing that they should offer is food to go with the tea. A nice sweet would make this place a star. I hope to go back very very soon!

    • A



      This place was amazing! I live in Ann Atbor too, so I go there a lot.

      I went here for a mother's day present for my grandma and mom,they both loved it!

      You should ask them for some of the dessert tea choices, they're marvlous! YUMM!!!

      They also have modern tea pots that can be used on the stoveto boil the water. Perfect adition to ANY home!

      I say, this is a very nice place to sit down with riends and talk, or just read a book and have lunch with the tea.

      Everyone that walks in is always kind and friendly, talk to them! Or try the owner! She's very nice too! :)

    • L



      I was impressed immediately after walking in. The staff could answer all my questions about all of the their teas. BTW, they have well over 150. Definately would reccommend for a great cup of tea and all the stuff that goes with it.