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Chado Tea Room

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369 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA 213-258-2581 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Victoria C


      I was really looking forward to a green tea tasting as described on the company web site. Unfortunately when I got there I was informed tea tasting was not done there. My friend and I ordered two of the best Japanese green teas, Gyokuro Supreme & Gyokuro. To my horror after the tea was steeped for one minute, the leaves were discarded before I could even see them. I enjoy smelling and seeing tea leaves before they are brewed. I also enjoy my green teas on the strong side so was sadly disappointed by the brew time and large quantity of water used. I bought a few bulk teas; an excellent matcha, two senchas to try at home. The bulk teas were OK but were on the dry side since they are kept in open barrels, rather than sealed in small containers. Their Japanese green teas are not identified by specific farm or district so I can only assume they are blends from different vendors. I was disappointed overall, possibly this tea room excels in teas from other parts of the world.

    • Chad


      This is an amazing place! They have VERY knowledgable staff and a HUGE selection of loose tea's & tinsanes. If you love tea, this place is a must visit. PS-I did not try the food, but since this site forces you to enter a rating, I will enter excellent as everything else here is excellent.

    • Lenore


      Delicious cakes to go with your tea, a varied selection with good descriptions of each option, and a pleasant atmosphere. My first tea room and, so far, my favorite. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed, although there is an air of sophistication.

    • nina


      Absolutlly the best tea house in the area. this place is hidden inside the Japanese museum, it is just the tea paradise. my friend and i tried the afternoon tea which has sandwiches scones, pastries and tea everything was just fantastic.

    • nisa


      i had my little sweet little girls party at chados every thing was just perfect.

    • Brianna


      This tea room had a comfortable atmosphere, great attention to detail in both food and service, top-notch scones, a very satisfying array of food for afternoon tea, high quality tea blends, and was EXTREMELY well-priced. We look forward to coming back soon!

    • kary


      I went to a private event at the Chado Tea House and it reminded me of a tea room in paris (ahem), I have to say that I was charmed. The space is beautiful,cosy and clean. The selection of teas is huge, and the 'AFTERNOON TEA' was very nice. we were at on all day... fabulous event , the best scone and clotted cream I've ever had outside of Scotland, and enormous pots of extremely delicious tea. The service was prompt and friendly, and everyone in our group got to mix and mingle and hang out. I look forward to going back when I'm feeling ladylike.

    • kathy


      I go to downtown regularly for business. On my last trip, a client suggested meeting at the Tea House in the japanese american museum. Having never heard of the place, and trusting my friend, we settled down on the beautiful garden. Normally, I am not a tea drinker , but our server suggested a top-notch tea (with a good amount of kick to it!). excellent with a hint of vanilla, infact i end up taking 8 ounces. I was surprised to find such a dainty place.Overall, the tea room was very relaxing with a fountain in the back ground. great staff. great food! kathy

    • Carrie D


      What a wonderful place. My young niece and I traveled here on an excursion from Oxnard. It was well worth the 60 mile trip. Enjoyed the museum too. Make sure you have cash for the downtown parking lots though. The afternoon tea featured delicious salmon sandwhiches and a great tea infused egg salad. Can't wait to come back.

    • pat


      I visited chado tea room for the first time. it was wonderful, great ambiance, great sevice, and great food.I must say this is one of the top tea rooms i have visited. totally a delightful experience.

    • Sheri


      such a beautiful relaxing place with a beautiful garden that just opened. there is a great selection of all kinds of teas and yummy menu items. i the best and i will recommend it to friends.

    • cindy


      we had the best time at this tea room. it had everything you could imagine for doing tea. the tea selection is outstanding, the food is very fresh and delicious. the sweets and scones are to die for. we will definitly be back.

    • link


      This location just opened up last week in the Japanese American National Museum downtown. It was like a mirage my sister and I found when walking around in near 100 degree heat. They immediately brought us ice water and when they noticed how read our faces were they asked too make sure the restaurant wasn't too hot (it was perfectly air conditioned - the LA streets where what was too hot...) The place is comfortable, understated and calm, has hundreds of teas and tea accessories (although I'd like to see a collection of tea containers to store the leaves I buy) and delicious scones with fresh cream if you are looking for traditional English-style afternoon tea. The cream isn't as thick as you can get in Stafford, but this is LA, so I'm not complaining. I didn't try the sandwiches but everyone around us seemed to be enjoying them.The staff is friendly and helpful but left us to enjoy our selves, which I always appreciate. They recommended the Birthday tea (we were looking for something good over ice) and it was fantastic. There is also a very informative tea list with all sorts of history, tips, tricks and of course, a detailed tea menu. For example I learned that the Dutch brought tea to New York in 1650 and the colonists boiled it, drained the water and ate the leaves as vegetables. Anyway, great place. Looking forward to making it a regular spot.

    • ruth


      tea lovers this is a must visit tea room. my tea group enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at chado tea room in the Japanese American Museum. the setting is charming and relaxing with a lovely garden. it was also fun to pick from 200 plus teas. the food is absolutely delicous with a great presentation and excellent service. I highly recommend chado tea room at JANM.