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2440 W Main St, Littleton, CO 80120, USA 720-981-2512 Website Suggest Changes

Sun 11:00am – 5:00pm Mon 09:30am – 7:00pm Tue 09:30am – 7:00pm Wed 09:30am – 7:00pm Thu 09:30am – 7:00pm Fri 09:30am – 7:00pm Sat 09:30am – 7:00pm

Recent reviews

    • C



      This is a wonderful tea shop. The collection of different teas reaches up the wall and is accessed by the staff using those rolling ladders, like in the candy shop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They'll take some down for you to smell, and will help you make a selection if you are too boggled by the huge list of tea choices. They have all sorts, including Guayusa, Mate, and a great selection of Rooibos, and of course white, green, black, oolong, and pu-erh tea, and herbal teas. My favorites are the Midnight Blue, Wintermint, Root Beer Rooibos, and Blackberry Rain.

      They have two slushy machines, they have a wall of syrups, they have a list of suggested fancy blends, and they even do tea cocktails. The person who stocks the wall of tea ware is a marketing genius, and it's a great place to buy gifts (especially if you are buying me something...). The pastries come from some local bakery, I forget which. They have cute little meringue cookies, and other tasty stuff. The Dushanbe tea house in Boulder can't be beat for aesthetics, but this is the best tea house I know for selection and inventiveness. Yeah, you'll probably spend too much money here.

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      We go out of our way to go to In-tea. They have tons of loose teas and knowledgeable staff. You have to pay for re-infusions beforehand, so don't forget if you are planning on sitting for a while sipping tea. We usually each get a cup of tea and then a few loose teas to take home because they are reasonably priced. They have tea cocktails, cold tea based drinks, and even tea slushies (like and Icee machine with a tea-based drink). It's a nice place to sit and chat, a small establisment but in summer they have a few tables outside as well. a very casual atmosphere. As for food, they have nice pastries (I like the meringue cookies), and some other offerings but I haven't personally eaten much there.

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      Eduardo Sonrisa


      A gem of a find in the 'burbs. Worth making a trip for. Used to drink coffee but since I stumbled into In-Tea... I am a switch hitter. My favorite: A black tea with vanilla infusions and Gen Mai Cha. Over 120 teas- all whole leaf artisan style....I order on-line when I'm not in town and have yet to have a less than pleasant experience. They go to great lengths to preserve light hits these teas...all stored in cabinets and sold in light and airproof bags. Carole the owner is one of a kind and real lover of tea! She respects the leaf! You'll love this place.

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      Carl Cleveland


      This is a pleasant teahouse where I often meet with friends and business associates. Very knowledgeable and pleasant staff. Recently added tea slushies which are great on a hot summer day.

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      Scott Sewell


      A beautifully crafted tea-shop in Littleton, Colorado!!! The shop owner is a true expert on all matters tea and will happily talk to you about any of the varieties and their particular characteristics and (for important for someone new to tea like myself) how to prepare them. I highly recommend this tea shop to anyone traveling near or through Littleton. We live in Boulder so we've found ordering tea's from their web site particularly convenient when we can't travel in person.

    • J



      a new find for me. it is a drive for me visit the store but I can be assured that the service and availability of a new tea is well worth it.

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      This modern Asian Fusion tea shop has over 100 different teas - so many that I couldn't possibly list them all & so many that it can be hard to choose one, until you remember that you can just come back again so you can try another! When you walk through their front door, you are immediately struck by their welcoming & appealing decor. And then you are lured over to their counter so you can begin your tea adventure! Interesting (& good) teas on their menu, which I have tried include the 'Gummy Bear Tea' (which is a blend of different fruit & flowers & actual gummy bears) and the 'Birthday Tea' (a black tea with marigold, safflower, cornflower, blue mallow flower, passion fruit & mango flavor). I also enjoyed their 'Pineapple Mango' tea & their 'Lavender Earl Grey' tea. The knowledgeable staff will help you choose a tea & they even let you savor the aroma of the tea nestles in 1 gallon glass canisters . Your tea can be served hot or cold, and there are about 10 different variety of sweeteners (if that's your 'cup of tea'). Oh, but it gets better. If all this tea drinking makes you famished, fear not. In Tea has formed partnerships with other local businesses & offers some of the tastiest food around. Need some yummy baked goods? They serve different items (like strudel, kringle, scones, etc.) from a great Danish bakery - 'Taste of Denmark.' Baked goods not doing it for you? How about some sushi? Made fresh every day, they get California Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, Tuna & Salmon sushi from 'Sushi King.' What more could you want? Combine friendly service, great tea, & tasty food and you're set. Oh and they are dog friendly, so even Fido can enjoy

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      We were so excited when we found out that a tearoom was opening within walking distance of our house and when we finally got a chance to visit we were not disappointed. The variety of teas offered is outstanding and the staff seem to have a good understanding of tea and proper brewing so a good cup is always at hand. When we were there they were still ironing out some kinks in the service and when I asked for a bit of milk for my Ceylon, it was presented in a teacup which made it very awkward to pour. Also, their cup washers need to learn the art of properly drying the cups so that water spots don't mar the surface.

      The food at In Tea is sparse and limited to a few selections of pastry and scones. I believe they have add some sushi items to their offerings but I've not tried it. It would be nice if they offered a simple butter biscuit with each cup of tea (like Petite Beurre) but alas, they don't

      Overall, we were very pleased with In Tea and plan on making this our neighborhood tea spot.