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coffee and tea exchange

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3311 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657, USA 773.528.2241 Website Owner?

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    • Melissa


      Ok - first off this isn't a sit and eat/sip tea-room. This is a tea/coffee store. As in buy it and take it home to make. So they don't serve food, or at least I don't recall them having food... but that could also be because I was so focused on the great selection that I didn't notice. I was really pleased to get it home and find out that the quality is wonderful as well. You can get a cup brewed to to go, which is a great way to try things. Their prices are really good too. They know their teas, so when I asked questions about the flavor they knew how to answer them. Service was excellent they were helpful and patient and didn't balk when I got a quarter pound of a dozen kinds of coffee and a quarter pound of a couple of teas too.