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Le the' et crepe

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1801 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA 757-363-2211 / 831-6028 Website Owner?

Welcome to Le the' et crepes Our warm and charming atmosphere will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you. Please check out our website at www.tea-and-crepes.vpweb.com

Recent reviews

    • Beatrice


      I had lunch there on Sat with a group of 6. I was very impressed with the owner's knowledge of tea and expertise in preparing the French-influenced menu. The crepes were excellent. Le The et Crepes is a real 'find' and offers a rare opportunity to learn about the premium loose leaf teas that are offered as well as the Chinese tea ceremony. Atmosphere is pleasant and calming. I will return often even though it is an hour's drive for me.

    • Joli


      I love this place, love the entree and the desserts,Oh, and the smoothies is very good you can taste the real fruit in there, will be back with my friend next week.

    • Betty 01/22/12


      I have been several times for dinner to the teahouse. The food is excellent, service outstanding and atmosphere super. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing evening.

    • Betty Martin


      I recently visited for lunch with my sister and daughter. The teahouse is very small, only 5 tables, but the atmosphere is charming and relaxing. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, crepes and some Japanese items. During our visit, we chose crepes (a chicken, spinaches and mushroom combination and my daughter chose the shrimp yakisoba. The food was prepared wonderfully with fresh ingredients. They were excellent. The tea selection was excellent and our server pointed out that the teas were all whole teas (no tea bags here! Teas included several white and black teas with explanations of each listed in the menu. Our selection included a peach blooming tea and oolong. The teas were brought to the table in individual tower style glass tea pots. The staff was very helpful in tea and food selections and offered suggestions. Service was excellent and the staff was attentive. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for excellent crepes!

    • Sophie


      An interesting mix of asian and french. Lots of teas to choose from, and a very helpful staff in making a selection. The food was wonderful. A large desert menu. Lunch was excellent, with great fresh vegetables used. Small seating area, but nicely decorated. It's in a shopping strip, but the inside is much better than the outside!

    • P. Hawkins


      My second visit--most wonderful! The beautiful, calm and immaculate atmosphere, varied tea choices, delicious food and service are superb. Treat yourself(and a friend) if you've not visited here before!

    • vivian B.


      The serene, almost intimate atmosphere of this restaurant is beyond compare to any 'Tea room' I have ever encountered. The staff is attentive and the owner delightful. You may go in just for tea, but find the dinner menu superb.

    • Bryce


      I thought this place was great. I'm not a tea expert but the staff was very helpful in describing the teas and gave a very good recommendation. I haven't had any entrees but the crepes and deserts are wonderful.

    • Sandra Moore


      I have visited this tea room twice in the last few months and I can't wait for my next visit. The place is small but that adds to the cozy feeling. The food is great, the tea is good and I loved the flower blooming in my teapot. The business is family operated and I found the brothers so polite, knowledgable and helpful. It is an experience I'll never forget.

    • Melissa


      Simply fantastic! Beyond my expectations. Exquisite taste! Excellent service! I will be back!

    • Irina Grinnell


      J’ai découvert une fois par hazard ce petit restaurant particulier, nommé “Le thé et crêpes” et je l’ai aimé beaucoup. C’est un petit paradis charmant, mélange mérveilleux de l’Orient et de l’Occident, avec la musique française, la cuisine raffinée internationale, les tableaux florals sur les murs et les bougies aromatisées sur les tables… La spécialité de la Maison est le thé. J’en ai gouté des sortes differentes, mon favorit est Ginseg tea, le thé exotique qui me remplit toujours de l’énergie et de bonne humeur. Mais je crois que le plus grand trésor de cette Maison est sa patronne qui sait créer une ambience très particulière…

    • Axel


      Great servers, and calming atmosphere. A little expensive for my budget, but still a good place with good crepe.

    • Justin


      Excellent food, but what really stood out to me was the expertise of the server. Not only was he courteous, he was also very knowledgeable about every aspect of the menu. During my visit, I enjoyed the flower tea very much. I will definitely be back.

    • Jessica Bacheller


      Gorgeous atmosphere and great service. The server was very knowledgeable of the tea and it's back history. The food was a new spin off the original style of crepes and the sauce was divine. They added a new Tapas Menu with a lot of little dish perfect for sharing. The tea is all natural Chinese loose leaf tea. We were able to mix the leaves together for an adventurous flavor and experience. I highly recommend this place for people who want a sophisticated welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and outstanding food.

    • Lauren 3/3/09


      The place is small, however; the atmosphere is classy and warm. we order the blooming flower tea, Oolong with Osmanthus and Dragon pearls. the flower tea looks just like the picture show on the menu, This is the first time I had the tea this way, it taste very soothing and warm. We order the smoke salmon and Bruschetta for appetizer, chicken crepe, la poulet and Salmon in orange liqueur sauce and topped with jumbo lumps crabmeat. The presentation of the food is beautiful. the smoke salmon look like the rose and the black fish roes in the center of the rose, is just beautiful, looks too good to eat, the Bruschetta is out of this world. the Parmesan wine sauce on the crepe is so delicious. my husband had the La poulet, the spicy teriyaki sauce is so so good. The Salmon with the crabmeat is one of the best I ever had. We order one fruit crepe to share. The guava mango sauce and all of the fresh fruit..... Mmmm Yum if I had room I'll like to have one more. the service is excellent. we'll be back for sure and will recommend it to our friends. well done! keep up the good work.

    • Arianne


      This tea room is not a British style tea room. Instead, it is a beautiful Euro blend of French and Asian that immediately brings to mind Indochine. When I'm there, all my senses are engaged. It's beautifully appointed, the French music always appeals to me, the smells are heavenly, the food and teas are beyond fabulous, and I am made to feel so welcomed and comfortable. This has been my new favorite place since I discovered it the first week it was open in July and all of friends have become repeat customers as well.

    • Anne Morirson


      The place was beautiful and the staff was friendly. I did go in expecting a typical tea room and this place was not. That is o.k., because it offers a place for lunch or dinner with a different spin. The tea is unique and very relaxing to enjoy. Good luck and I will be back.

    • JSnyder


      We made reservations for 3 persons for tea at 1 PM two weeks in advance at their recommendation. But when we arrived, on time, we were abruptly told 'Bad news' because a large group of Red Hat ladies had come--therefore they had no room for us, despite our reservation. It seems they preferred to cater to a large party rather than to honor their promise of a reservation to us. Do not count on their word if you are planning a special day, as we were. We were disappointed and we won't be back.

      Tearoom response:

      To JSnyder,<BR> I am so sorry! I was out of the country in November. The trip was planned long before we open the tea house and I had to leave the tea house to my sons. My sons at the time were inexperienced to handle the situation in a professional way.<BR> <BR> Please accept my sincere apology. <BR> <BR> Sincerely yours,<BR> Christina Li

    • Helen Johnson


      This tea room is beautiful and cozy. The service was outstanding and the tea presentation was very unique. Don't go here if you are expecting small sandwhiches and scones, this is not that kind of tea room. It is the kind of tea room to relax and enjoy a cup of tea and have the most wonderful Crepes. Good luck and I will be back.

    • Shirley


      I had lunch at this tea room when it first opened, and although it's not your typical tea room, I found it to be delightful. Although Laura found the room to be a modge podge of asian and french, I found the decor warm and inviting. I think the owner did a wonderful job furnishing this small but comfortable place. I look forward to my next visit.

    • Laura


      I just visited this interesting non traditional teahouse looking for something new. I was not overly impressed. While my crepe was good, the atmosphere was a little schizophrenic.It could not decide what type of feel it was going for. All at once it was an Asian teahouse, French bistro and Italian winebar, though not blended well at all. Also, I tried my servers suggestion for a flowering tea and I was not impressed at all. The picture in the menu showed a beautiful flower opening up in the pot before my very eyes. What I got looked more like a bunch of weeds that settled to the bottom of a glass teapot. I love crepes and I love tea and would have liked to have added this to my list of favorite places, but sadly I won't be going back.

    • Aurora Livingston


      The Board Of Directors of The Virginia Tea Society recently visited Le the' et Crepes Teahouse. The atmosphere combined French and Chinese influence and the service was superb. Our server was most informative, explaining the ways of blending teas and the different characteristics and flavors. We enjoyed several pots of tea selected from their fifteen varieties of flowering teas in addition to their loose teas. For our entree we enjoyed their signature chicken salad (a wonderful green salad served with large piece chicken and a delicious dressing). For dessert, we devoured their marvelous crepes. The four of us ordered four different dessert crepes and shared half with each other. They were to die for!!!! They also offer appetizers and a elegant gourmet dining experiences complete with tea and wine. I highly recommend this teahouse to anyone who reads this review. Aurora Livingston, Director www.virginiateasociety.com