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Mission Houses Museum Cafe and Tea Parlor

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553 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA 808-286-4699 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Julie Andrews


      I went here with the girls for a fun day out. Everything was beyond expectations. The location is beautiful, food is out of this world, especially the lemon curd, and service is so nice and friendly. You can bet I will be back here again. Thanks ladies, I had a memorable experience!

    • Shawn 'Doc' Boyd


      I love tea and all the great things it brings to life. I poked(no pun intended) around drinking teas all my life but never really became an aficionado until I lived in Japan for school. Upon my return with my new found ambient awareness I found the tea community in my backyard of Honolulu. Ok, as a guy it is hard to find anyplace that won't make me feel weird for being a steeper. so much to my surprise when I found Mission House Tea Parlor as a result of a tweetup. the teas are awesome and the food adds a nice touch. With the backdrop of Historical Hawaii you can't go wrong. Minus the extra dainty cups and teapots they let me enjoy my many teas whilst keeping my Man's Man Machismo in tact. I highly recommend it.