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Heavens Tea

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SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 48th Ave, Portland, OR 97215, USA 503-230-0953 Website Owner?

Pricing/Gift “Man,Tea, Nature, Heaven Tea is the Thread Which Weaves These Together” Tea Master:Paul Rosenberg We specialize in rare teas which have a great amount of chi or life force. These teas are calming and have the ability to shift us into deeper, more profound states of awareness. They also have flavor and aroma profiles that are beyond belief, these are not like ANY teas you have had before. All tea sessions include flowers, music, tea snacks, candles, incense in a setting of beauty and elegance. We have one of the largest selection of rare teas available to the public in the country including over 100 aged teas between 10-50 years old. Our many classes and sessions teach both the classical art of tea and the spiritual, inner art of tea. My goal is to give others the tools for making tea their own art and to support the growth of tea culture in the states.

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