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Borsari Gallery Cape Cod - Village Tea Room

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524 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638, USA 508-385-3434 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Lisa W


      What a refreshing find on a cold February Day. The Prince Edward Apricot Tea was wonderful as was our Borsari Afternoon Tea. Worth the trip when you are on the Cape visiting or, if you are lucky enough to live here, stop by.

    • Eric Bunce


      Great Food, Great atmosphere, Host needs a lot of work. My wife and I planned our wedding reception at the Borsari Gallery in Dennis Ma, for July 9th 2011. We scheduled the event the prior September 2010. Throughout the year dealing with the host Bob proved to be nothing but an extremely frustrating process. He never once got back to us with important details like table arraignment and costs. He had a contract that stated we had to pay the final bill 60 days prior to the event which meant the details of the wedding needed to be established prior to the 60 days. Whenever we would try to nail down these details we would always get, “Let me get back to you on that” “I will draw something up” But he NEVER did. Even after repeatedly asking Bob to finalize these details we never got the actual details until we got extremely frustrated three days before the wedding and sent him an email. Still he did not give us definitive answers. My wife had no way to plan center pieces and had to guess as to how many, and sizes to make. We had no idea how much the bill would be, and when he finally gave us the bill on the night of the event it was almost $500 more than any of the verbal estimates he had given us prior; Which at that point we had no way to change or dispute. We also had a special cake designed, as my wife has celiac disease and needs to remain gluten free. The cake eating ceremony was one of the only typical wedding traditions we wanted, and we couldn’t even do that properly. Bob took on this task of handling our cake, and forgot to remove the gluten free cake from the freezer and we were served a frozen cake that could not be served. And did not give the instructions to the caterers on how to handle the anniversary layer, so that got served to our guest and all we got back was a half eaten anniversary layer. After complaining in an email afterwards, we were told it was because having multiple cakes made it too confusing and it really wasn’t his responsibly anyway. But we never expected this from him, he offered. There were also many other shortcoming on his part that I can’t explain in such a short review, like forgetting to put parking signs for our guests etc… But the biggest downfall was his procrastination, disorganization and refusal to listen to our needs as clients. When we did complain to him, we got a huge detailed explanation into his personal life of how he was having personal issue, and he honestly tried to make us feel guilty for even suggesting he do what his contract stated he would. It was really pathetic and if anyone is interested in reading our exchanges before you make your decision on this gallery to host your event, I will be glad to forward them to you. buncee@norfolkhardware.com You really should read them if considering this event. I suggest, unless you want to have to be a Bridezilla and be on the host like a hawk, look somewhere else. Otherwise if you’re willing to put up with B.S. Great Food(Chapins did the catering and were top notch), great atmosphere. We didn't have Tea, so I put average for all.