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Cherie Anne

 (3 reviews)

48 W Philadelphia St, York, PA 17401, USA 717-843-0079 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Tara


      Cherie Anne is a great place to pick up some tea and other small gifts. They always have a drink bar in the back.

    • Lana


      Maybe I'm just spoiled because I work at Teavana .. But I don't like the tea at all. I am always on the lookout for less pricey but high quality family owned local places to buy loose leaf and I heard great things about this place but after trying 2 of their very popular teas (apple pie and blood orange blends) they both tasted very stale and artificial. I should have known better when I saw a huge variety of plastic non-vacuum sealed bags that looked like they were there for months if not years but I wanted to like it.. Sadly after trying them they are now condemned to the back of my tea cabinet. Not a serious attempt at preserving quality or freshness- think people are just excited about all of the flavor combinations (which I was drawn to too) but once u try it it is definitely disappointing :(

    • Rebecca Blankenship


      Cherie Anne's is more of a tea bar than a proper tea room (think like a coffee bar but with tea). They have a wide variety of tea. You can get a hot cup while perusing her knitted crafts or look to buy some loose leaf tea she has. She's always eager to help and talk.