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Tao of Tea

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3430 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214, USA 503-736-0198 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Donal


      Can honestly say, I stopped in just to see the place, then revisited both the shop and the restaurant each and every day I was in the Portland area. Even made the drive from Tacoma one day. The knowledge, friendliness, selection, tasty treats . . . this place is the whole package. If you can only visit one tea house in Portland . . . make either of the Tao of Tea places . . . and you won't leave without a wonderful experience.

    • C. Latta


      I visited Tao of Tea with my mother. We had a good conversation while we sipped our Japanese tea. We sat in front of a Buddha statue and listened to the water fountain on the other side of us. We admired the bamboo and atmosphere. Even though the place was packed when we left we still felt like we were at OM. Then we went next door to their retail shop and purchased tea to take home.

    • Clarissa


      Wow!! If you want great tea and tea experience and knowledge, The Tao of Tea is the place to go. We had a great time during our visit to Portland.

    • Greg I


      Tao of tea is one of my favorite tea stores and how nice that there is a reasturant associated with the store. I loved the atmosphere feels like a mini vacation walking in. The finger foods we had were very nice (didn't have more than the finger foods.) My only complaint is I was hoping to try a few teas that I was thinking of buying at the restaruant; however, the selection although large wasn't as complete as the store.

    • Chelsea


      Teas on the menu are arranged by world location then kind and are very diverse. The food is Asian and Indian with naan to die for.

    • Stephanie


      A nice, trendy sort of place; next door to a tea-shop that is to die for. We had a nice spread, asian style... it was nice.

    • Amy W


      I visited Tao of Tea yesterday for the first time and I will be back! The area felt positive and welcoming.

    • Geri


      Wonderful calm place. There are actually two store, however the Belmont store is in two parts. One side is lovely rustic tea room, with vegatarian snacks. I usually have Oolong, and it is served Gong Fu style. The other side is where they sell the tea, and teaware. The variety is huge including much Old Growth tea. Fabulous place, I go there as often as I can.

    • B. Holm


      I am a regular customer of Tao of Tea for supplying my home with loose tea. They have an excellent variety of tea, possibly 80-90 varieties that are usually of very high quality. The owner travels to Asia and other places frequently in search of the best teas for his 3 shops in Portland.<p> Shop staff are usually knowledgeable and helpful in selecting teas you might like. They have even offered free samples of some I wanted to try bus was not sure I wanted to buy. I have found some of my all-time favorite teas here so I keep returning for more supplies.<p>Besides their loose tea in tins that you can smell and look at, they also sell tea in beautifully packaged round tins of about 4 oz size. The labeling and packaging of these tins is top notch. They also have tea pots and other tea ware for sale.<p> Next door is their restaurant where they serve organic foods and of course hot teas.