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Kaldi Coffee and Tea

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1019 El Centro St, South Pasadena, CA 91030, USA 626-403-5951 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Bridey


      It's a coffee house, much favored by the younger set. As someone who is not that young, I'm not too choked up about the atmosphere, and when I want a pot of tea, I want TEA -- not some fruity concoction. If you like coffee drinks, it's okay. There are better places, true, but for South Pasadena, I guess it's the only game in town, other than Buster's, whose door I shall not darken.

    • Drew


      This coffee house is only good if you enjoy central-casting coffee shop intellectual types. Like me. I have no life.

    • Matt


      Though quite popular I have had one bad experience here after another. Service bordered from curt to rude with the barrista spending five minutes arguing with her boyfriend on the phone instead of serving the counter. This is a coffee bar only, seating is outside on the sidewalk or at a few tables in the lobby area. You get your own sugar and stir stick. They have a couple of teas, but mostly custom coffees. The family has opened another Kaldi in Glendale in the same format, but the service was much faster.