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Let's Pretend Tea Parties

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326 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051, USA 817-421-6678 Website Owner?

Recent reviews

    • Arlington mom


      We were so hoping for a great b-day. But, 3 calls in to confirm reservations (they called me on Wed and I said I would call them right back with a number) and 3 days later no return call. I had to drive all of the way from Arlington to Grapevine to confirm the day before my daughter's b-day, even though I told the lady who called to confirm numbers on Wednesday that I would call right back. She did not tell me she was giving me a number to call back on that went to a cell phone. The cell phone is the owner's phone, who was on vacation, and not checking or calling any messages back. So, I went down there myself and after the employee lied and said that their phone was not working and that is why she did not call me back, she finally told me she was in fact telling a lie and that the phone she said that was not working is not even a real phone. It was not even plugged into the wall. She knew the whole time I was calling a cell phone and that she had given me that number knowing that I would not get a call back. I thanked her for telling me the truth and confirmed my numbers for the next day as well as tea for the grownups, 1 food tray for the grownups and cupcakes instead of petti-fours. She said it would all be done just right. Next day, party day, it started off ok, but then I noticed it was moving really slow, and no food was out for the girls or parents. Then, about 30 mins into the party the owner comes rushing in with bags of groceries. She had not even made the food yet!!!! She spent the next 30 mins fixing the food and making 3 and 4 year olds just wait with nothing to do. It was so horrible. Plus the hostess would not let them get down and play, just made them sit and wait for the food. Then, they did not bring out cupcakes or tea liked I had confirmed. Anyway, we tried to make the best of it, but when I went to pay, she charged me for 2 food trays. I only ordered one, and I never got tea for my adult guests. She said 'oh, maybe it is my next party that wanted 2 trays'. She was going to mess them up too I guess. She did say she would credit my account for 1 food tray, but did not offer anything else for all of the trouble we had. Today, I found out that instead of crediting my account for 1 food tray, SHE CHARGED ME FOR ANOTHER ONE!!!!!! O.k. I know that people are busy, etc, but this is so stupid. I have a call into her, but still have not got a call back. I may have to get my bank involved. I wish I could tell you what a wonderful experience this was. I so wanted it for my daughter, but it was not. Stay far, far, far away from this place if you want to be sure your party is just right!!!!!!!

    • Juanita


      This is exactly what I was looking for for my daughter and I. I love the Mommy and Me time, even we mom's can wear big hats and boas. When Cinderella hosted us that was great. She told her story like she was really Cinderella. We enjoyed Gigi God's Little Princess tea party a lot as well. We are looking forward to Ariel's visit. I recommend this place highly. We are members of the pampered princess club. It is so worth it!

    • Becky


      This tea room is geared towards little girls. The Princess Picnic they served is adorable!! Sprinkles and Chocolate soup-who could ask for more? My daughter had a wonderful time dressing up and spllying make up! They have any dress a little Princess could ever want! We will be back to have a birthday there!

    • jenny


      Although I have visited the shoppe many times and have been lucky enough to observe a variety of tea partes durring those visits, I have never been fortunate enough to attend one myself - HOWEVER - find it a most delightful and often wondrous place, whose most outstanding reviews are best found on the faces of and in the sounds made by the the lucky attendees! There is a fun variety of wares in the shop - traditional, useful, charming, whimsical - something for everyone, from those who have tea parties regularly with dolls who are best friends while play-acting grown in plastic high heels ----to the young-at-heart who enjoy tea with best friends who are dolls and act like kids while wearing purple hats!(and everyone in between!) In these times of cell phones, video games, etc., it is the existance of places like this, in towns such as grapevine, that offer today's young the opportunity to experience the feeling of something imaginative, elaborate and rarely seen that will become a lifelong vacation memory--- much like disneyland's'It's a Small World' tunnel ride did or we boomers ----- glimpses into the past can do for today's young what those 'glimpses into tomorrow' once did for us!! wow, what a trip! ha ha

    • Halley


      My three children and I went to the 'Breakfast with Cinderella'in the spring of 2006, and I was very disappointed. First, it cost me $20.00 a person for one hour with Cinderella. The highlight of the presentation was the owner'Cinderella', reading the book Cinderella and then offering either a balloon, or a face painting to the children. The breakfast came out cold, and there was very little on the plate. I asked the waitress for a cup of tea, hoping for a cup and saucer and a tea pot. I was very disappointed when she brought me the tea cup, leaving the saucer sitting on the counter. After waiting for several minutes another waitress finally brought out a pot of tea in a glass coffee pot!!! When she was finally able to find me, I asked her for some honey and lemon. After several more moments she brought back a plastic honey bear and no lemon. I reminded her of the lemon and she said that she would try to find some. I waited and waited and finally got tired of waiting and went to the kitchen door to ask for the lemon wedge only to be told that they didn't have any! I happened to notice that they had catered in all of their food. They didn't even have a stove! The service was LOUSY. The table and chairs were flimsy to the point that one of the waitresses caught her foot on one of the chairs and caused a small child to go flying out onto the floor, terrifying her. The mother was very upset. At this point I thought that the waitress would have notified the owner of the incident, but she didn't. Instead she seemed to make light of the issue and chose to try and consol the mother herself. I was outraged. I can't believe that I paid %80.00 for one hour of chaos and cold tea. I would never recommend this place to my friends or anyone.

    • Karen Lawson


      This was quite a delightful experience. The decor is cute, the tea experience was great, nice presentation & very generous portions for the price. We had a great time will definetly go back. Our server was very gracious and attentive too.

    • Amy


      I have been to this tea room when it was owned by someone else and I have to say what an improvement the new owners have done. I love the chandaliers and the fact that the tables are now big enough for my husband to be able to go and get his legs under them. I met the owner and her mother and they were both truly a delight. I went with my mother and we had such a wonderful time. I highly recommend it and will soon be trying out their dinner service on Friday and Saturday evening.

    • Anna


      This is a perfect place to take young girls to 'play' tea party. The food served was a little dissappointing. On the day I reserved for my party, only one kind of tea was made available. However, the owner's kindness, in-store shopping, and being able to play dress up made up for the lack of usual tearoom expectations I had.

    • Betsy Sorrell


      Willow Cottage Tea Room in Let's Pretend in Grapevine TX is absolutely beautiful. The food and service is the best. According to the owner, it was inspired by the late Lady Primrose tea room in the Cressant hotel in Dallas. Three cheers for this tea room!

    • Judy


      This was the perfect place for my Granddaughter's first tea. I plan to come back often with all of my grandchildren.

    • sara


      I had a graduation tea given by my aunts and it was absolutely gorgeous! we had a sweets n cream tea, with 4 sweets and 2 scones with tea! absolutely lovely and i really enjoyed it! definately will go back!

    • christine


      I went here with my mother and grandmother, tea lovers. VERY CUTE. They had a little shop next store with all sorts of knick nacks, they have fancy hats for you to wear if you don't have one, and you can set up a get together for little girls to dress up and have their own tea parties! The tea we had was very delicious, and the food was good too!