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Cuppa Tea

 (7 reviews)

3202 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705, USA Owner?

Recent reviews

    • ColleenS.


      This place has been here a long time in a great location- and I don't understand why. It is incredibly dirty and the bathroom so bad I was afraid to touch anything- recently I saw a sign posted that they no longer have bathroom facilities. I've tried it twice to see if it improved- but still the same disinterested counter service and filth. I don't think food is available, it is mostly coffee/tea and wifi. A waste of a good space and good name.

    • trinny


      I ordered the green rooibos and found it rather bad. I thought maybe I just ordered the wrong thing, so the next time I was there I ordered Jazzy Jasmine-- also bad. I will not go back.

    • Sara


      The staff here were nothing but polite, the selection was excellent, and the tea was well-prepared. They also have awesome sandwiches. I love to study here - it has free internet and readily available outlets to plug in a laptop. The back room (the one pictured on the site) is generally quieter than the front - sit up front to get a more social experience, or in the back for a quiet work environment. There are big comfy chairs in the front area too.

    • not my 'cuppa tea'


      The tea here is undrinkable, the atmosphere is squalid, and the place is filthy. I was here once and it was awful - the cups look to never have been washed and everything is sticky from people's spilled drinks. Yuck! I agree about the punkish girl who was there, she is really unpleasant. It was impossible to be there - I left after 5 minutes without finishing my tea.

    • ex-regular


      there is a new punkish girl who works at night recently. she is extremely loud, and shouts out closing call every 5 minutes after 9pm till 10pm, and she also makes big noises putting chairs away while people are still trying to enjoy the tea and study. she makes it extremely unpleasant to stay there after 9pm. i have been a regular here for a long time now, but i've found myself avoiding the place because of her.

    • JD


      Excellent location, coffee, and tea. Great place to relax or socailize.

    • ray


      Very nice place where good teas and cool music, live on Friday and Saturday nights, allow discussion or prolonged study. Parking ia a pain but worth the trouble.