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Windsor Tea Room

 (5 reviews)

334 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA 415-283-4TEA Website Owner?

Sun 2:00pm – 5:00pm Mon closed Tue closed Wed closed Thu closed Fri closed Sat 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Recent reviews

    • Moore, Michael


      We were there recently, my wife and I,my sister and her husband, we were all happy with the service, the food, they did such a great job with the presentaton.

    • Geni


      Okay we don't mind Asian servers but PLEASE! Where's the British tea experience. Jam in jars? This place is a sham.

    • Jacquelyn Goudeau


      This use to be one of the most charming places in SF, but has not retained it's charm. I have brought friends from Paris and when it was good it was very good. I miss the old quality!

    • Linda


      I believe was expecting something a bit better than I recieved. The service was friendly and prompt as stated in the review above, and the scones where good, but the rest of the food was marginal at best. The assortment of cookies were Trader Joes specials...and the tea...never really very hot. What a shame for a beautiful tea room. I could not believe that the nice tablecloth on the table had a piece of white butcher paper on top of it so that the tablecloth didn't have to be changed between customers...brother! I have never seen the like.

    • V. Hayes


      Plenty of enough food here to enjoy, tea selection was good too. When I was there for a birthday celebration a few years back, they started you off with a lovely green salad, then came regular sized scones, each guest was given a selection of jams, honey, clotted cream and of course butter was served, then came the sandwiches, a delight for each guest to pick and choose their own, for individual preferences. The Lemon Curd tarts are delicious and the assortment of tea cookies also good. Service was friendly and prompt.